Problems with WILD

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Problems with WILD

Postby LunaDreamer » 17 Dec 2012 22:47

I have 3 main problems/questions and I need advice.

1. This is a Question. I was wondering how long does it take for the WILD technique to be sucessful?

2. When I do this technique when I sleep. I get my body all relaxed and I breathing in and out without any thoughts. And then I hear all these noice of people talking from the TV! And my dads Snoring System and All these sound from my living room! I can't consintrate! I try to ignore it but the talking blasts my mind with thoughts.

3: Since WILD need you to be concious as your body sleeps. I get my body to sleep but I only got one small flash pattern (Until all the sound came back) So this causes me to only get about 3-4 hours of sleep. Because I always open my eyes again and restart. And restart and restart. And I tell myself to just sleep today and try again tommorow.

Help? :)

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Re: Problems with WILD

Postby LCDAnthony » 17 Dec 2012 23:34

My problem is I can't stay concentrated then I end up falling asleep... :?

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Re: Problems with WILD

Postby lucidinthe sky » 17 Dec 2012 23:50

To be succesful with WILD, I would recommend waking yourself up somehow after approximately 5 hours of sleep and use the WBTB method along with WILD. You are unlikely to be successful in the first 5 hours: the sleep is too deep and the REM cycles shorter. Don't waste your time there. Concentrate the effort where you are most likely to succeed.

Even if I can't maintain awareness all the way through with WILD, I often remember to check if I am dreaming and go into a DILD especially if the gap of awarenss loss is short.

As far as blocking out the noise, I sleep with those spongy earplugs in. They don't block everything, but help a lot and are very inexpensive.

Keep at it and for most people, including myself expect 3-6 months of focused effort unless you get lucky.
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