Starry Nights, No Dreams?

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Starry Nights, No Dreams?

Postby Starry » 22 Jul 2011 00:45

Hi! I'm Starry, and i'm new, and, well... This is a major problem that will probably never let me have lucid dreams until I fix it!
The problem is, I rarely dream. I don't even have a feeling of having a dream. When I DO have/remember a dream, I remember almost everything I did. I once went through a 3-day period that I called the "Ninja Dreams". Very clear, enjoyable dreams about a group of cartoon show ninjas called the Akatsuki. Anyways, a few years back, I dreamed about once every 1-2 years. In this month, every since I discovered this site, I noticed that I have a dream once every week. Is there any way I can boost my dream recall/dream rate? Thankies in advance,

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Re: Starry Nights, No Dreams?

Postby fineganswaker » 22 Jul 2011 01:30

Hey, Starry. Just happened to be logging off for the day and saw your post.

I'm a novice myself--although I'm starting to have more frequent lucid dreams, and I have problems with dream recall too (so I can sympathize).

Offhand, I would say that you actually dream A LOT more than you're aware of. Since I've been getting into LD techniques I've been amazed at how much I actually do dream that I just can't remember (a little like my waking life, but that's another story!)

The only thing I can say is to try to get yourself in the habit of asking yourself "What was I dreaming?" just about every time you wake up during the night--especially in the morning hours when your REM cycles are happening. I sometimes set my cell phone to vibrate at certain times to *force* myself to wake up: 4am, 5:30am, 7am (if it's the weekend--and note the 90 minute intervals, that has to do with REM cycles as well).

Then--and I know this can be difficult--try *not* to move a muscle and ask yourself that question about dreaming. Don't force the dream--just let it kind of float up. This can take awhile and it's important to not just start thinking "Heck, I didn't dream anything." Also try not to let your mind wander to other thoughts. If something from a dream does float up (it often just pops into my head), then gently ask yourself things like "Well, ok, was there anything ELSE I was doing in this dream? Were there earlier parts?". Sometimes other scenes will also just almost magically pop into your conscious mind. Try to get clear on as much as you can.

Now (and this can be the hardest part) get up and write it down--even if it's just notes or keywords. Lately I've been usin' a little hand-held digital recorder I have.

It's important to get something down or recorded about your dreams because otherwise I can almost guarantee you that you won't remember any of the details in the morning. I've had so many mornings when, once up, I *knew* I'd dreamed something--but it was gone.

Also, though, sometimes a dream I couldn't remember when I first woke up will pop into my head after I've been up for a while. That happened this morning to me when I was driving to work. Something I was thinking about caused this dream I couldn't recall earlier to just pop into my head!

Hope this helps a bit. Last thought too: practice makes perfect!

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Re: Starry Nights, No Dreams?

Postby Randoman » 30 Jul 2011 02:51

start a dream jornal they make you recall dreams best thing to try just wright in it every morning any thing you remeber from your dream this will help your mind think dreams are important and need to be remeber

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