First lucid dream..?

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Jelly deKiller
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First lucid dream..?

Postby Jelly deKiller » 18 Dec 2012 19:43

So I tried using the WILD technique last night, and I think it worked but I'm not sure. Before I went to sleep, I kept telling myself "Tonight you're going to have a lucid dream, and you're going to dream about Grovyle" (Grovyle is my favourite Pokémon). So before I entered the dream, I heard voices, strange creepy voices and they said things like "Why am I dead" and "How did I die?" and "Why did you die?", but I tried to ignore them. When I entered the dream, I saw a Pokémon trainer and I asked him if he had a Grovyle, but he said he didn't and instead he gave me a different Pokémon instead. I did a reality check by touching it, and my fingers went straight through it and I realized I was dreaming. I then tried to fly, but only managed to hover 5 feet off the ground for a few seconds. To make sure I was still dreaming, I looked at my hands and I was missing a finger on each, and that was when I realized that it must have been a lucid dream, so I got really excited and started to wake up. I tried to spin around but it didn't work and I just woke up.

Was this a lucid dream? I'm not sure because I couldn't control very many aspects; just myself.

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Re: First lucid dream..?

Postby LCDAnthony » 18 Dec 2012 23:13

If you realized you were dreaming and you were conscious then yes!
I'd say that was your first one!

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