FINALLY it happened for me :D

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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FINALLY it happened for me :D

Postby Birdman » 19 Dec 2012 23:38

First of all i would like to give a big thank you to the community cause without it, this would not happen for me.

I started off with a dream journal, writing some dreams down but... (feel free to skip this part)


03.December.2012 (Monday Morning)
I am behind the building I used to live, and my grandma is in the lower apartment, but it isn’t really an apartment. It’s a school.
DREAM NOTES: Buildings that are something in reality take a different role in dreams.

05.December 2012 (Wednesday Morning)
I am driving a virtual car in a game on some sort of force feedback steering wheel that doesn’t really make sense, it’s kind of like made of wire and I’m holding it in reverse with the wire spun around cause that’s how the professionals are supposed to hold it, then I turn it around and I feel the steering wheel change the way it behaves, I feel it’s vibration and force in my hand as I go. The game is a training course, but it sorta feels like I’m driving the car in first person too when I’m playing, like I’m actually there in the car, then the instructor tells us it’s delayed for today.
- Objects that don’t make sense made of illogical shapes, acting abnormal like the wire steering wheel.
- Being in both third person and first person, in this case the game.
- My hands are busy holding the steering wheel so I couldn't focus on checking reality with my hands (brains way of protecting itself against my reality checks ?)

disappointed i hadn't succeeded even though i was trying really hard, losing my faith that it will ever happen to me plus some other real life issues came so i gave up for a while cause i wouldn't be able to dedicate enough focus on it, then one night...

09.December 2012 (Wednesday Morning) 5:00 AM


I am in a room that has orange tinted mood and filled with people , like a club or something, suddenly out of nowhere I realize I am dreaming and I become happy and start dancing and singing “I am dreaming” around the room, then I continue around the room while trying to calm myself down so I don’t get overexcited and wake myself up and I notice really weird looks on my dream characters, they were all staring at me really weird, like appalled that I was lucid, then I notice Will Smith was dancing on a table so I grab his leg while dancing and singing with him, “I am dreaming, I am dreaming” then decide to do a few reality checks in front of a mirror, I look at my fingers and whoa, lots of them inter-weaved between each other about 8 of them, then I look in the mirror and my reflection was all wobbly like parts of my body were missing or the mirror was really broken, I notice these and say “haha, yes this is a dream, this is a dream” then...

I wake up, with a huge smile on my face thinking “Fuck Yeah” it finally happened.

DN: For the life of me I cannot remember the previous scenario, I know it’s there and I was dreaming something else before, but I can’t remember it and I also can’t remember how I became lucid, it's like a new scenario was created for me and i was awarded lucidity. Also do you think it’s possible this was a semi-lucid dream ? I mean I was pretty lucid and had full control of myself body and mind also my scenario was pretty clear although I didn’t spend enough time to clarify it a bit, actually stare and observe the details.

I write this down then i go back to sleep, waking up cause my alarm clock goes off at 7:30 AM, then i set it to snooze every 10 minutes having a different dream each time i go back to sleep, must have had about 10 that night, but i was too lazy to write all of them down then after a bunch of these dreams...

Second lucid dream, same night,

I am walking up some stairs in a hospital and all of a sudden I realize I’m dreaming, again for no reason, I look at my hand but it has only 5 clearly defined fingers though my hand was kinda glowing like bloom effect in a videogame, so I think to myself, damn my brain is getting devious, it made my hand show 5 proper fingers even though I knew for certain I was dreaming, then I wake up cause the alarm goes off.

DN: - again brain trying to protecting itself against my reality checks?

I do kind of have a theory of why it happened for me, in the break from trying to LD i was still looking up stuff on it saw a few episodes of Fringe related to dreams and this period kind of solidified my belief that i will dream because of the whole repetitive action theory. Same for piano, at first i didn't have any belief i will ever play with both hands and after enough practice it solidified in me and i could play with ease. The whole idea that if you obsess about something with enough passion it sticks in you and eventually becomes a reality, i started believing with certainty(without even realizing) i will LD because it would have been illogical not to happen when proper obsession was dedicated to it.

"If you truly believe in it, it will happen, 100% certain"

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Re: FINALLY it happened for me :D

Postby Summerlander » 20 Dec 2012 19:35

wobbly reflection in the mirror, that is so lucid dreamy!! I love relections in lucid dreams, I even drew a picture of what I looked like in one (in art gallery).

It's crazy that you danced with Will Smith. I met him in a lucid dream once, too. But I punched him. This seemed to enrage him and he said "oh no you just did not do that, oh no you just did not do that!" It was so funny. Dream characters can be comical and that one was comical Will Smith style! LOL!:-D

Good job on attaining lucidity by the way. Practice makes perfect and it only gets better. Soon LaBerge will have nothing on you - and he's the don mega!

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"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

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Re: FINALLY it happened for me :D

Postby Peter » 20 Dec 2012 20:12

Awesome and belief and intent with an obsessive passion opens the door and from there on its working on the skills
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Re: FINALLY it happened for me :D

Postby Birdman » 24 Jan 2013 17:39

Again it happened for me and again it was random, i'm still not practicing my lucid dreaming techniques but that day i watched a video on lucid dreaming and thought about it for a bit, maybe that's what did it, i apologize for the gaps but the dream was quite long and i don't remember all of it, only parts.

24. January 2013 (Thursday Morning) 3rd lucid dream

I awake in the back of my building where i used to live and again for no reason i realize i am dreaming, i get excited and realize that the dream will quickly crumple down on me if i stay excited so i immediately jump on my belly and grab on tight to the land, things get spinny and fuzzy, and after a bit of focus, the world spins in place and stabilizes, so i get up in squat position and observe the world around me, the athmonsphere was all gloomy and orange tinted, i grab some sand off the ground and slowly release it and i can hear the sand and pebble sound effect super clear falling out of my hand and hitting the ground, i look further away and although i was surrounded by the most vivid world ever, in the distance reality appeared like old movie projector screens(the one that have those wavy things on them when projected, and fuzzyness). So i start to walk…

I am in a room and decide to check reality again, i check my hand and my fingers bend strangely, i look away and back at my hand and they change again being bended differenly, i try to put my hand through the wall but it’s perfectly solid, although i do see a blueish glow effect arount the tips of my fingers when i push them against the wall, so i go outside…

I am walking behind some buildings in my city thinking i can do what i want since this is a dream, i see a man on the street selling some long tart thingies so i start to put something on them(butter?) and i fall back asleep for a bit distracted by the tart, i awake again with my tart fully buttered, and proceed to walk again checking my hand and it being bent, i have some thoughts about going full naked since this is a dream and nobody cares, so i hear somebody telling me that the police here doesnt care, i exit from behind the buildings and some cop in a trolly comes by and waves a thingy then passes by, the world around me is so green, full of life and vivid with the streets full of people so i decide to harass some of my dream characters, there is this weird little thing walking on the streets, it’s like a kiwi but with a striped body and whiskers walking on two legs, so i grab it by the neck and lift it up and ask it who he is and what does he mean for me but he just garbles some unknown language so i let him go, i keep walking on the streets wanting to question another DC so i stop this old lady and ask her again and she starts to ramble on about something, i jump in the air saying yeah! I’m dreaming, then i wake up…. 8am, 20 min before my alarm goes off.

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Re: FINALLY it happened for me :D

Postby Birdman » 06 Mar 2013 11:36

5th lucid dream – date unknown
I am in or around a train station waiting to go to college for some exams, I’m late and worried. Then I get teleported to a different area and I’m exiting from a sort of structure, there is a huge park/field ahead and a fruit stand in front of the structure I’m exiting, suddenly out of nowhere I realize I’m dreaming, so I collapse crouched down in front of the fruit stand trying to bring myself into focus and I succeed for a bit, but then I fall back into dream character mode, I awaken again on the other side of the field, and as I realize again that I’m dreaming, the whole world changes from a vibrant super glowy color saturated world into a less vivid, more realistic colored world. I look around and observe it but memories of my character still remain, so I focus hard to teleport myself to the train station so I reach my exams on time or wake up to the station since I was believing this was a dream and reality was me at the station, but, I fail and I’m still there, then I wake up….

6th lucid dream
6th March, Wednesday morning(might have been a level 4)
I am inside the apartment building where I use to live, riding a bike through it looking for a way out, then suddenly I realize that there is something wrong with the layout of the building so I awaken, and for the first time I felt like my eyes really opened like they open before you wake up. Everything was so perfectly clear and vivid I felt like I was gonna wake up at any second, things get a bit woozy as I focus to stabilize the dream, I look down at my hands and raise one before me, and notice it being bent and not right, then just as I manage to put everything in focus, alarm goes off…. F****K!

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Re: FINALLY it happened for me :D

Postby taniaaust1 » 11 Mar 2013 09:28

Have u got some LD goals? I always say my dream goals to myself when going to bed (I always have 3 dream goals as sometimes one can achieve several in a dream). That is good to do when one has one of those "what shall i do moments" when you arent sure of what you want to do or try. Ones waking lucid dream goals can also be good to focus on if one starts to loose dream awareness and are starting to drift into a non lucid dream...
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Re: FINALLY it happened for me :D

Postby Birdman » 11 Mar 2013 21:16

I do have a few goals, but my LD's are always so rare and random, i lose track of them, also i haven't reached layer 4 yet, when i'm fully conscious and fully in control of my dreamscape.

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Re: FINALLY it happened for me :D

Postby oliverclay » 12 Mar 2013 05:30

Birdman wrote:I do have a few goals, but my LD's are always so rare and random, i lose track of them, also i haven't reached layer 4 yet, when i'm fully conscious and fully in control of my dreamscape.

You are getting on track with your lucid dreams.

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Re: FINALLY it happened for me :D

Postby Birdman » 14 Mar 2013 07:50

7th lucid dream
14th March, Thursday morning
** The dream before my lucid dream
I am chasing something uphill towards the citadel where live, it’s winter and snow everywhere, people are sliding down the snow, then as i reach the top i’m met by one of my friends and his girlfriend, she needs to change her clothing and take a shower so as we’re talking her clothing gets changed into a dress and shes already showered, but now shes cold so we ego back down the hill trying to fiind a pub to get warm, we reach a pub and all of my old and new friends arrive there to meet us, as we decide on a table to sit, my best friend buys a sanwhich and says that he bought the bacon and the bread cause this place is a rip off, then he makes the realisation that he payed too much and it wasn’t worth it…
I wake up in a false awakening, i am sleeping on the floor on concrete in front of a random house in a village, then as i wake up i decide to do a reality check and whoa, my hand all wobbly and not right, ok this is a dream, i wake up slowly trying to get in focus, getting the cover off me, i stand up and i remember my conscious thoughts about my goals then start observing the landscape in detail, i look at the ground and there is a pebble, so i throw it on the concrete and observe it slide, i walk a bit further and examine the insane amount of detail, the concrete was loaded with imperfections and resembled real concrete perfectly, so i exit the yard of the house and am being met by a huge village landscape, houses and trees everywhere covered in snow, then all of a sudden it gets dark so i point at the sky and say, „Let there be day !” and i see the sun moving across the sky as it got morning but it wasn’t day enough so i shout again „Let there be afternoon!” and sure enough it gets afternoon but, everytime i say the comands i get back in the houses yard, so after it gets fully day, i get back again in the back yard and it’s pitch black there, like the outside light doesn’t affect it, so again i shout „Let there be light !” and as i look behind me every tree and everything started popping a twinkle of light, i go outside and notice the entire landscape being covered in little lights tree by tree, and it’s light again but strangely still night outside then i decide to fly off and get out of there, and as i fly off a little white dog is barking at me following me around and i keep checking if it can fly too so he doesn’t reach me, and he can’t. So i fly off observing the huge mountain landscape trees everywhere fully realistic, i cover myself up with my winter jacket cause the wind is blowing in my face, then as i try to dodge a house i lose focus and have a false awakening, but not in a bed, in pitch black darkness, then i wake up… 7:40, 30 min before the alarm goes off
DN: for the first time i realize how my real life lack of focus is affecting my lucid dreaming, as i lose track of my goals the dreamworld fails to be sustained and it either puts me back to sleep or i wake up.

Thank you taniaaust1 for reminding me i need to set goals for myself, it helped me bring my world more into focus.

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