Questions about Lucid.

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Questions about Lucid.

Postby hebekie » 20 Dec 2012 15:59

Hello there, i'm kinda new here.
Let me just start asking questions :

As a small kid i used to be able to lucid dream sometimes.
I used to have, a lot of fun though it was hard to really, live it.
Though , i had some very terrifying experiences where i lost control of my dream, and was unable to wake from it. (I once had a dream, where terrifying monsters where following me, caught me by my legs and started eating them, it felt as real as it got. It wasn't fun)

I also have a very personal story regarding Lucid Dreaming.
That made me very unstable for years, and it still is...

This made me stop even trying to lucid dream. out of fear.
But i tried getting into lucid dreaming again, though it doesn't go as it used to.
Last night i tried it, thinking how it might be. I was scared a lot to confront a part of my past dreams.
Now here are the questions.

- Is lucid dreaming anything to be afraid of?
Should i really be scared of doing it?

- I have a lot of stress, and i have yet to find how to calm down.
Will this affect Lucid dreaming?

- I sit a lot on the computer, maybe a bit too much.
But i try kinda lowering the hours i spent on it, will computer and Ipad devices affect Lucid dreaming?

- I drink a lot of Cola, but i never get the feeling of getting active by drinking it.
I feel no urge to suddenly go jump around, i do some sort of exercise almost every day for at least 30-60 minutes.

- My cat (The animal one xP) often sleeps next to me, will she be able to ruin my Lucid dreams?

- I often go to sleep late, i enjoy nightime more then anything else, so i don't want to waste it.

This where my questions, sorry for the personal pathetic part the start, had to kinda include it.
Though it could be, i'm unable to lucid dream because of the personal experience i had.
If anyone wants to know, please contact me.
I'm not a open person, so i don't think ill write it down here.

Thanks for reading, and happy dreams ;)

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Re: Questions about Lucid.

Postby Peter » 20 Dec 2012 20:18

Its common for a lot of lucid dreamers to have had nightmares in their youth so dont worry about that.

IMO nothing to be afraid off as they are dreams and exist as long as you dream them so what is left is memory and associated emotions, they dont need to carry any weight if you dont want them to

Learn to calm down, get some help for stress, meditate, go for gentle walks, find time alone and get to know yourself. Beyond this get professional help if you need to

I live on computers so no issues there

If you cat wakes you use it to get back to sleep and dream, it helps at times

Most people but not all need a few hours sleep before a lucid dream, find you own style.

Find what works for you and slowly keep working at it and use this forum as there are some very experienced people here and all are willing to share.

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Re: Questions about Lucid.

Postby Summerlander » 20 Dec 2012 20:51

To add to this, if you like Cola, perhaps you could use it when you try the wake-back-to-bed method and are feeling knackered. Why not get up, have a cola while you go over you plan of action, and then return to bed for your lucid dream adventure.

There is nothing to fear about lucid dreaming. In fact, it can help you in waking life. I used to be chased by mischievous white men that looked like Christopher Walkens when I was a kid. They were terrifying false awakenings and felt extremely real.

The more I grew the more I understood the world and the less fearful I became. My nightmares began to dwindle.

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Re: Questions about Lucid.

Postby hebekie » 20 Dec 2012 22:26

Really puts me at ease ;)

Thanks for answering!

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