Accidental WBTB

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Accidental WBTB

Postby DAZ_XT950 » 31 Dec 2012 03:10

The other day I woke up at around 10 am and put on some clothes and had breakfast and went to my bedroom to go on my computer. I felt quite tired still so I lay down on my bed for what was supposed to be a couple of minutes, but I ended up falling asleep. While I was lying there, I was rubbing my feet together as they were cold because I hadn't put socks on yet. After that, I woke up in the back of a van with my mum and my auntie in the front seats and we were driving along road not far from my house. My auntie turned to me and said that they had carried me out from my house and that they were surprised that I hadn't woken up then. (This is the part I found funny) I looked down at my feet to find that I am wearing socks and feeling confused because I knew that I had fell asleep with none on. I remember thinking that someone must have put them on me and that it must have been difficult for them, then it hit me...I was dreaming. I could feel the dream was unstable and that I was away to wake up so I decided i would fly up above all the houses and fly faster than I ever have in a dream until I woke up.

Usually, I'm not so good at noticing unusual things in my dreams (I know this because in most of my dreams, I have super's on of my dream signs actually and yet I never notice that anything is abnormal). So, the fact that I became lucid due to the fact that I was wearing socks made me laugh quite a bit. Also, there were other things that could have made me lucid like I wasn't wearing shoes or because we were driving in a van even though I don't know anybody that owns a van.

btw, this was my first ever WBTB that actually worked even if I never done it on purpose.

I hope you made you laugh a bit too. :D

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