Vibrations and sleep paralysis questions

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Vibrations and sleep paralysis questions

Postby Riddick » 31 Dec 2012 19:07

Hey everyone. I just started backed up with lucid dreaming about a month ago after having tried before but gave up quickly. The very first night I tried it I used the WBTB method and slipped right from consciousness into the vibrational stage as I felt my body being pushed in to and lifted from my bed at the same time and a very vivid (color wise) picture of the front of a school showed up but before I had a chance to look at my hands or spin or anything I woke up from the excitement.

I wasn't able to achieve anything for another week when the exact same thing happened but this time the vibrations were much smoother and I was able to remain calm more even though my arm was slowly contracting and relaxing while it was happening. Then the next night I had my first lucid dream where I realized I was dreaming while it happened (not from a RC) but as soon as I said "Oh, I'm dreaming!" The dreamscene disappeared and all I saw was black and the vibrations started cutting in and out very harshly. I was aware that I was in my bed and so I pictured the dreamscene I was in and meant to look at my hands and could sort of feel my physical hands in bed move up to my face even though they didn't.

Now, just last night I awoke at my usual time and then went to bed 1 hour later. I ended up dreaming but in the dream my grandfather was upstairs in my house while I was downstairs and he yelled, "Hello!" but I didn't want to answer him because I didn't want him to ruin my oppurtunity of lucid dreaming. I could feel in the dream how relaxed and comfortable and tired I was in bed before I fell asleep. My legs were bendy like they were completely numb and I ended up leaning over the bathroom counter and falling asleep within my dream and then the vibrations came and I felt myself being lifted out of my bed and then slowly fall back down and flip over in the air while falling. Also, the normal buzzing sound I hear with the vibrations turned in to a rollercoaster until I fell back down and re-entered the dream but this time lying on the bathroom floor.

So, what I'm a little confused about it is...when I end up in this vibrational stage, is this sleep paralysis? I've never tried to open my eyes or move when I get to this stage and was wondering if I should try to? Is it some kind of false awakening? A friend of mine who lucid dreams every night says he thinks I'm on the verge of astral projection?

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Re: Vibrations and sleep paralysis questions

Postby HAGART » 04 Jan 2013 03:29

I've experienced both vibrations and sleep paralysis and they are two separate things. I either get one or the other, but never both.

Sounds like you were experiencing lucid false awakenings and didn't know where to place yourself. Often when I follow through with the 'vibrations' or 'sleep paralysis episodes' I tend to 'awaken' in bed and know that I am dreaming and get up from there. However, there were times when I would awaken in odd places in my house like in the basement, or front door entryway, or even awaken in a dream house I have never seen before. Vibrations and sleep paralysis lead to OBE type lucid dreams because before they even start you are aware that you have a body and must exist somewhere (and it tends to be near wherever your sleeping body is) and the dream starts from there if it is stable. That is my experience and theory and have no proof. Just my thoughts.

Whenever I experience vibrations and sleep paralysis, although I don't feel it at the time, I am already asleep when it is happening. So waiting for a dream to start is actually a lost cause at times. The vibrations and sleep paralysis IS the dream and if you focus on it too much, it won't end. But if you relax and allow your mind to wander it will eventually create a dream scene. Again... just my experience.
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