Cool Zombie Apocalypse Dream!

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Can this become a Lucid Dream?

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Mrs. Hiddleston
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Cool Zombie Apocalypse Dream!

Postby Mrs. Hiddleston » 01 Jan 2013 04:17

Enjoy! <3
P.S. Blue is my dream,
Pink is me talking.

I was in my Nana's (Grandmas) house, and a lot of people were there, including my mom, my cousin Susan, Aunt Yoyo, sister, and even a few celebrities such as Tom Hiddleston, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan from 1D. My job was to protect people who couldn't protect themselves. Like Susan, she was in crutches, so my job was to protect her and a few others. Another job was to fight alongside anyone who looked overwhelmed with the zombies. My weapon was a wooden baseball bat that I found in a plastic container. Susan had joked around with my mom once we had finished fighting off a wave of zombies. I don't remember if anyone used guns at all. I'm pretty sure we all used bats or something along those lines.

When the wave of zombies came, I stood by the closed door, my hands tightened around the handle of the bat. Tom Hiddleston stood next to me and we swung at zombies together, making sure none got past us and to the room behind us, which had Susan and her daughter, Aaleyah. We aimed for their heads, making sure we either decapitated them or damaged their brain stem before moving onto the next zombie. Before long, the wave of zombies were gone.

Then, my dream took an interesting turn and made it seem like we were watching a television show about us in the Zombie Apocalypse, but we were still actually in it! It's very difficult to explain. I remember getting upset because Tom died in the TV show and Harry and Niall survived. 'I can't believe Tom died and two... boys from a boy-band stayed alive!' Was my angry outburst. Tom then stood up and gave me a warm smile, his blue eyes shining with amusement. 'It's fine.' He whispered, just so I could hear. I returned the smile and whispered, 'I know.' back. I don't really see him for the rest of the dream. Maybe glimpses, but not fully.

I go outside and look towards the apartment complex nearby, and see a lone dog running towards us. Not knowing if it's safe or not, I grabbed the nearest person; mom; and we faced the dog together, baseball bat and crowbar in hand. It ran up to us, it's tail wagging. It looked like a light tan and white pit-bull, so I lowered my guard and began petting it. Almost immediately it snapped at my hand, but didn't puncture the skin. People came running out to help me inside, thinking I was hurt. I assured them I wasn't and I caught a glimpse of Tom letting out a breath of pure relief. As did everyone else after he did it. This is where the dream ended.

Okay, so this is awesome. I have always wanted a Zombie Apocalypse dream, and I finally got one! And, not to mention, Tom freaking Hiddleston was in it! He was so relieved when I said I was okay. (: And our little moment at my angry outburst of him dying in the TV show... (; Haha, anyways, I really look forward to continuing this dream tonight. And I hope Tom doesn't actually die in the dream for real. That would suck. Any tips on helping me continue this dream? Thanks! Help would be greatly appreciated! <3 Thanks for reading!
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Re: Cool Zombie Apocalypse Dream!

Postby MattG1116 » 19 Mar 2013 01:52

You should try journaaling in the present tense, that way it "puts you in the dream" if you ever want to visit the dream again.

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Re: Cool Zombie Apocalypse Dream!

Postby oliverclay » 19 Mar 2013 05:12

Yes it can be a Lucid dream.

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