Weird OBE or dreaming?

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Weird OBE or dreaming?

Postby Fletcher » 02 Jan 2013 10:28

So basically I am a 27yr old male from England. I am an Atheist and do not believe in real OBE (out of body experiences) but to no choice of my own i have been experiencing weird out of body dreams that are just baffling. I would like to firstly state that i have never practiced lucid dreaming or anything else at all. but here's my experiences.

It started about a year ago when im sleeping i realised that i was ale to do this weird thing when i close my eyes. Basically it feels like my head is shaking (like when you close your eyes and tense your head) and i can control how extreme it gets, but if i let it get really extreme i can sit up and out of my body?!? The problem i get is that its scary. Now this part sounds stupid as im not scared of anything and i do not believe in ghosts and the dark does not bother me, but when im in this state i feel like there is other people in the room watching me and this brings on a real bad feeling of fear and due to this feeling i usually snap my self out of it and just sleep. There has only been two occasions where i have actually gone through with it. The first was about 6 weeks ago and was the first time i actually sat then stood up looking down on my partner and daughter who was sleeping in our bed as she was ill. I could see them laid there and i genuinely thought i was dead and i then panicked but couldnt wake up, It wasnt until i thought of laying back down into my body that i woke up and my heart was racing stupidly fast. I researched this in the morning for the first time and put it down to a lucid dream or OBE. But last night it happened again but this time i was sleeping on my Daughters floor as she was really restless and kept calling me. I had the feeling again, and again i instantly felt scared and like there were people with me but i was determined to go through with it, so i let the feeling go to the extreme and i again sat up out of my body, I stood straight up and again could see my body on the floor and my daughter in her bed, I then walked into my room and looked at the clock, It said 4:34 I then went back in my daughters room (still feeling scared which baffles me) and layed down into my body again, and again my heart was racing stupidly fast! I then got up and checked the clock again, It was 4:35 and i was then sure i could actually come out of my body! It was not until this morning when i woke up properly that im just putting the time thing down to coincidence.

Can anyone help me with this experience so i can put it to rest? thanks in advance, oh and sorry its so long :)

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Re: Weird OBE or dreaming?

Postby torakrubik » 03 Jan 2013 01:17

A likely explanation is that you often experience sleep paralysis when your mind is still awake, leading to hallucinations and fear. If you want to know more about sleep paralysis, I would suggest looking at the article on this website.
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Re: Weird OBE or dreaming?

Postby HAGART » 04 Jan 2013 05:49

I will just relate my experiences with 'OBE' and the fear associated with sleep paralysis and you can take it or leave it:

I am atheist too, but have experienced sleep paralysis and 'the old hag syndrome' before. For some reason I feel terrified when this happens and I sense a presence in my room and it feels sinister. It has even grabbed me before and spoke in a demonic voice. Again, I am atheist and don't know why that happened, but it was scary to say the least. It must have something to do with a deep seeded idea I still carry with me. Once you learn something as a child and regard it as fact, it is very hard to abolish from your subconscious. Although the biblical overtones I had experienced baffled me, we both (and others too) have experienced that feeling of a presence in the room even if we can't see them and if we do try to see it, it tends to be just a shadowy figure without much form. So I think what you experienced is connected to sleep paralysis, and I know whenever I get it, it tends to lead to an OBE type lucid dream.

Just last night I had a sleep paralysis episode, but I have become familiar with it enough that I just let it happen and don't attribute it to an external entity and although uncomfortable I remain relatively calm. If I get out of bed at that point it does feel like and OBE and although difficult to walk or fight free from 'its' grip, I can have a lucid dream and it is more pleasant and stable the further I get away from the source or where I started. Although not traveling further away physically, I travel further away mentally and put it behind me figuratively. Last night, although I felt hands grabbing me, I just let them be and relaxed and finally they all vanished in an instant. Then I opened my eyes (dream eyes) and looked around and there I was in a lucid dream originating from my bed. I don't call it an OBE, but it is more like a lucid dream that starts from your bed. My room is always different than reality though and askew somehow.

I think the clock time was a coincidence too, but we all have an internal clock and it is pretty good at guessing what time it is. Perhaps that could explain it.
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Re: Weird OBE or dreaming?

Postby boardsenseless » 24 Jan 2013 02:24

Sounds like sleep paralysis to me too. I'm also an atheist but since I've started coming to terms with my own paralysis experiences I have come to realise that there is definitely more to this world than what we experience in our waking lives. The "sinister" presence is quite common, the first time it happened to me I swore blind I had been abducted by aliens. There's a theory that when you experience this it's because you're in another dimension and these are lost souls or something. I don't about all that but I do know that I have experienced vibrations and OBEs. I have floated out of body but when I look down my bed is empty, I have experienced the sensation of "flying" through "limbo" like I'm being sucked through a portal or something. I find that the actual OBE feels very real but once you embark on that journey, I usually sink through the floor which takes me into a different dimension, it becomes more like a lucid dream. I know someone who has had many experiences like this and she is convinced that the people she encounters are genuine dimensional beings. She's also an atheist and uses Quantum Physics to explain her experiences. I don't know if this helps but my advice would be to embrace these experiences, learn to enjoy them and the fear will go and then you might have some more positive experiences with it.

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Re: Weird OBE or dreaming?

Postby KylePK » 24 Jan 2013 07:23

First off, I would deeply reassess what you think you are or aren't afraid of. Being very confident that you aren't afraid of something can often signify the Egos attempts to hide fears from you. So be open to the idea that you probably did go out of body and that the uncertainty of the situation was frightening. Identifying and letting go of fear is necessary to progress, in any way. I would say that its not entirely random that you suddenly gained this ability. Sometimes, the time is right to experience something that would expand your horizons or help those you care about. I would forget about trying to define the experience and focus more on what it can do for you, and your family. Was it useful, to see what time it was? Did that prove something to you? If so, then what anybody else says doesn't matter. Play with this ability and decide for yourself what it can bring you. Perhaps if your daughter is ill, do this again and visit her while you are out of body, and try to focus on sending her good energy or healing, in whatever way you like. If she felt better, then does it matter if it was OBE or Lucid Dreaming?

Big time though, don't focus on the fear. The fear can be explained in many ways, but when you get past it, that's when things get interesting.
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