Weak Hypnagogia and Madness

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Weak Hypnagogia and Madness

Postby Hunts4dinos » 02 Jan 2013 18:03

The forums are pretty weak when it comes to hypnagogia, so I've came to the top gun for this question.
1. My hypnagognic imagery is just dark grey and black lines and blobs. There is no color, and little movement. I am completely relaxed, both physically and mentally. I am unable to get dream supplements, so that is out of the question. The imagery doesn't intensify at all. This makes attempting a WILD next to impossible for me. How can I intensify these images or achieve a WILD differently?
2. This is a little off topic, but I occasionally (about once a month) get something I call the Hinnen Crazies (Hinnen is my last name) my grandpa, my dad, and me all get them occasionally. To someone watching me it looks like I am standing on my bed saying "BAD CHICKENS! BAD CHICKENS" and kicking invisible foes off of my bed. To me I am trying to keep three chickens from attacking me. Sometimes it's a tarantula or sometimes I'm trying to find my pet snake before he gets hurt. I usually snap back to reality 2 or 3 minutes later. It isn't pleasant. Is there someway to stop this or transform it into something different? If there isn't, it might be something to investigate for your paranormal activity section on the web page.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Re: Weak Hypnagogia and Madness

Postby TheDoctor » 02 Jan 2013 19:11

This sounds like a case of night terrors. (Google it.) My brother used to get this. My mom would think he was having a nightmare, and that he'd woken up. Then his eyes would fixate on something that wasn't there, and he'd start screaming. I suspect it's similar to sleep paralysis visions, in that the subconscious is generating visions as in dreaming, but you aren't fully asleep.

The chicken thing just makes it sound funny. Try posting a photo of Colonel Saunders by your bed and see what effect it has on the chickens.

The Doctor.

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Re: Weak Hypnagogia and Madness

Postby lumencryster » 04 Jan 2013 05:09

for question #1, i don't think you should worry about the need for the hypnagogia to intensify. the only thing you need hypnagogia for is to keep your mind focused on something while you go into a deeper and deeper state. just stay relaxed and keep doing what you're doing is my best advice.
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Re: Weak Hypnagogia and Madness

Postby HAGART » 04 Jan 2013 05:22

I have never followed hypnagogia from a waking state to a lucid dream state completely without losing consciousness. Sometimes I just lose myself in it and don't snap out of my stooper until I feel some sort of sleep paralysis symptoms kick in. So like Lumencryster said, I don't think hypnagogia is the be all and end all of a WILD, and may not be important all the time.

As for the Hinnen Crazies, there must be a better, more scientific reason for it. Night terror is one possibility or even simple Sleep Walking. (Even though you are not technically walking.)

TheDoctor wrote:Try posting a photo of Colonel Saunders by your bed and see what effect it has on the chickens
Listen to your doctor! LOL. Show those bad chickens who are boss! I jest, but I know what it is like to both sleep walk and have night terrors. I had both when I was a kid and it's no joke and you are out of your mind and not yourself.
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Re: Weak Hypnagogia and Madness

Postby Peter » 04 Jan 2013 06:34

Hi is a stage on the way and i sometimes get it and sometimes dont. It does not seem to predict or hinder a lucid dream by WILD. I have had times of intense HI and no dream.
Do you have too much expectation from the HI and either lose the state of mind by waking up fully or going to sleep.
Try relaxing with it and just keep observing, if you can look around from one point to another and let your eyes drift up towards you forehead as this can trigger the leap to a LD.

The chickens sound like the night terrors, in reality you are on the edge or in a dram so an instant before this getiting up you may be in the dreamstate and lucid - the chickens are in the first instant a REM intrusion into the waking state, when you fully wake up they go.

I think I spend years lying in bed in a dream body and thinking I was not asleep but in reality I was quietly lying there doing nothing.

Instead of reacting to the chickens just tell them to F....Off in some way. You create them so you can get rid of them just as easily
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