Odd dreams

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Odd dreams

Postby purezer0 » 04 Jan 2013 09:39

I have had both of these dreams twice...

The first one always started in a lush grassy field that was filled with huge stark white blocks of concrete with a little reinforcing rebar sticking out. After that, I would go into "my" church, but the outside looked different from any I have ever been in, but Familiar at the same time (think small, white church with a steeple). The ground floor, and staircase to the upstairs and downstairs inside was always similar to the one in my real life church, but downstairs was a dark and damp concrete room. This room would always lead up through the ground floor, to a little crawl-space in the second story that I could hide in. What was strange, however, is that during my second time in the dream, I knew it was something I had experienced before. It was almost like I was conscious throughout it.

The second dream has hit me twice within two or three months. I start in the ground level of a house that is strangely familiar (the same one both times) and end up crawling into an attic (both times). This attic, though, is really the first floor to a short and skinny skyscraper. This is where the dreams differ, though... The first one had a really long staircase, and small balconies instead of actual floors. The second one had the long, continuous staircase, but had distinct floors as well. Both had what you could consider to be old, classy furniture (armchairs and such). Some of the floors in the second dream all had matching colors on the walls and furniture, some did not. But it was always darker, rich shades of red, blue, brown, and I think green (think dark velvet colors). I have not yet gone more than three floors up the tower in either dream. Just like the first dream I described, the second occurence of his dream seemed familiar. It is always dark with sparse fluorescent lighting when I am in the house, but either dawn or dusk in the tower. The house always has a lot of clutter on the tables, shelves, and countertops.

There are always other people in both dreams, and I always know them.

I really can not understand why these dreams keep coming back, but the feeling I have when I wake up from them is just strange. There is never really anything scary about them, but it feels creepy... The second set of dreams in the tower, however, while not being scary, at the same time, is almost nightmarish. Heck, near terrifying; like an impending doom. It's kind of creeping me out, haha!

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