Mental Programming and other Universes

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Mental Programming and other Universes

Postby Summerlander » 05 Jan 2013 00:49

Date: 04/01/2013
Planned method: MILD
Bedtime: 2am
Awakening: 8am
Return to sleep: 8.15am
Attempt: successful
Awakening: 10.45am
Lucid dream: mental programming

I went to bed a bit late as I didn’t have to get up to go to work in the morning. I slept like a log for six hours, had a brief conscious awakening, and reinforced an intention to achieve dream consciousness as I fell asleep. During the day I had done numerous reality checks and prior to bedtime I reviewed my dream journal as I had Stephen LaBerge’s Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) method in mind. As I lay in bed, I began to mentally rehearse a scenario where I explored multiple universes to my heart’s content. In the morning, after my brief awakening, I went back to sleep and began to dream.

I was on an aircraft flying over the world and went so high that the Earth’s spherical form could be discerned. I was about to skydive again (I’ve done a tandem jump at 13,000ft in reality) but this time it would be on my own. I jumped and landed safely in a desert. The plot changed and I was now running and swimming with family and friends on a crowded beach. Then, my dreaming mind began to display typical dream cues that I’ve come across before. I experienced a sudden and inexplicable sense of danger, like something catastrophic was afoot. After this, the sky quickly turned grey and its serenity was subsequently ravaged by turbulent dark clouds. The beach was now gusty and I was urging people to get out of the water and leave but nobody seemed to listen. Instead, they were awed by the peculiar shape of clouds that reached all the way down to the level of the sea with their little stagnant twisters. I wasn’t quite lucid at this stage but something was familiar. Before I could suss out the nature of what was perceived, I was back in the desert walking with an old schoolmate, that I have not seen in years, called Waqas.

It wasn’t until we entered the amenity of a futuristic facility that sold simulated fantasies for the mind a la “Total Recall” that I become consciously aware of my situation. The place itself was so far-fetched but I’m not even sure if that is what made me lucid or if I was already headed that way since the beach scenario. The environment was now looking like the reception hall of a campus on an open day and I was standing in a queue next to Waqas. I started to deepen the lucid dream and noticed several leaflets on a white tablecloth a few feet away. At first glance, the leaflets appeared to be written in Russian, which almost made me dismiss them if Waqas hadn’t whispered in my ear: “They are mental program devices.”

Of course, they were not devices in appearance, they were leaflets, but now there was something compelling about them as though they were the key to something desirable. I picked them up and examined them intently. The foreign words printed on them meant nothing to me but the images they displayed - of surreal places - spoke more than words, and, the more I looked, the further they went beyond the two-dimensional scope of the paper. It was like the laws of physics were being gradually broken as I was being enveloped by a magical nexus of multiple gateways that led to other universes. The initial sensation was synonymous with that of being engulfed by hypnagogic imagery.

In this new setting, my mind was showing me that it could go beyond what I had previously imagined as an ideal Nexus room containing mirror-portals in my lucid dream workshop. This lucid dream appeared to be outdoing my imagination, or at least building upon it. There were a myriad gateways all displaying the worlds where they led. There was no floor or ceiling where I was. There was no need for such things and they were not desired at that moment as I free-fell amidst glorious ruptures in perceived space-time continuum. Ahead of me, Waqas euphoniously expressed his admiration for what was happening. “Come on, man…”, he said. “Catch me if you can!” And with that, he vanished in that multicoloured hyperspace.

The child in me wanted to give chase. This was my newfound hide and seek. I could go through any wormhole, scan other regions of existence in search of my long-lost friend and get back to the hyper-spatial nexus any time I wanted. A particular rupture in the mantle of hyperspace thrust me in orbit around an earth-like planet. Beneath the curvature of its horizon, where atmosphere and dark space met, the nightscape of a highly advanced alien civilisation was partially covered by lathery clouds. Another gateway led me to a universe where space was green and foggy, like a never-ending nebula that engulfed a plethora of galaxies. Another one landed me hovering above an Egyptian-like city with statues of dragons, golden sand and a bright red sky. I flew upwards to discover that the awesome nexus was already the space beyond the atmosphere of that Egypt-like land.

I spun in order to prevent this DILD from collapsing and found myself falling with Waqas through a tunnel of energy. We landed in an entrenched, post-apocalyptic war zone. Immediately, we were hiding from each other and exchanging gunfire like a pair of kids. The artillery in that setting seemed to have been left behind by soldiers. I found a motorcycle and started revving its engine before riding it. Waqas climbed aboard behind me but I didn’t want him to so the vehicle began to decrease in size until there was only room for one of us. He fell off and I continued riding around in my silly moped. I swerved away from objects, performed wheelies (which I’ve never done in waking life), did abrupt U-turns, heard the screeching of tyres and watched how my antics produced lots of billowing dust.

After a while I began to feel like I was riding a toy and when I looked around, the place had changed. It was now an outdoor nursery area and I felt like a child. I remember asking Waqas where we could find the “mental program devices” but it felt like I meant them in the context of playing with toys. I’m pretty sure I was losing my lucidness then and falling into an ordinary dream state. The following events were still vivid but I mistook them for reality. I was now a little boy, my mother turned up, looking taller than what she actually is, and she told me and my friend that dinner was ready. The environment had turned into something like my childhood home before I woke up around 10.45am.

"Empty cognizance of one taste, suffused with knowing, is your unmistaken nature, the uncontrived original state. when not altering what is, allow it to be as it is, and the awakened state is right now spontaneously present."

- Padmasambhava

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