The dream that brought me here...

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The dream that brought me here...

Postby jones2013 » 05 Jan 2013 20:57

First, background: My first experience in lucidity was about two years ago when I had a recurring dream that I was at work, but everything was different. One night, I had that dream and I recognized a few minutes in that it was the recurring dream, so I must be dreaming. Since it was a dream, I left work. (As many of you know, just leaving work when you realize it's a dream can be exhilarating.) I guess I wasn't fully lucid, because I was still worried I was going to get in trouble for leaving, and that fear carried over to the waking world for a few minutes before I realized how silly it was. After that, I started researching what had happened to me, and I came across a website for lucid dreaming.

I learned about reality checks, and I started doing the one where I pinch my nose and try to breathe. I did it enough that I did it in a dream. However, when I realized I was dreaming, it freaked me out. I woke up scared, and the experience was enough for me to give up on lucid dreaming all together.

Fast forward to two years later, Wednesday January 2nd, 2013. I had a dream that night that I was on the set of a movie I had worked on a few years ago. Right away I knew something was off, since it has been years since that move wrapped. I immediately wondered if I was dreaming, and I tried my nose test, and it worked! This time, I was excited. Since it wasn't a movie I particularly enjoyed working on, I left. As I walked down the street, I found two girls I know in real life, and I asked them if they wanted to have a 3-way. (Hey, I'm only human.) They said yes, but didn't seem too thrilled about doing it in public on a sidewalk. I asked them if they could teleport us to a hotel room and they said yes. We embraced and all closed our eyes.

I opened my eyes and I was in bed, I was mad at myself for messing up and ending the dream, knowing that closing my eyes and opening them again was a mistake. As I looked around, I realized that it was a false awakening - the bed I had woken up with was in a hotel room with the girls! My Dad was in the room too, but it was a big hotel room and he was on the oposite side packing up his suitcase and leaving, and I knew that since I was dreaming he couldn't see us. I tried to get something going with one of the girls, but she didn't seem into it. (In real life I perceive her as being somewhat asexual.) So I moved on to the 2nd (who I perceive as being more sexual in real life.) Without being too graphic, we did everything, and it felt amazing. I have a girlfriend in real life (who also knows these girls,) but I never worried about betraying her or her finding out because I knew it was a dream.

I then had a 2nd dream. (I don't remember any transition between the two.) This time, I was in my apartment with my girlfriend, but it looked totally different. I found a big cake in the cabinet (the kind they sell at the supermarket) that I didn't remember buying, and I wondered again if I was still dreaming. I did my nose reality check and once again I knew I was dreaming. I announced to my girlfriend that since I was dreaming I was going to eat the entire cake. She was very concerned that I was going to get sick if I ate the whole thing, but I did it anyway, continually reassuring her that I was dreaming so it was okay. (I think I did the nose check every time too, just to be sure.)

And that was it! Again without being to graphic, there was physical evidence of the sexual dream when I woke up. :P

As you could imagine, this completely reignited my interest in lucid dreaming. (I could have that exact dream repeated every night and die a happy man) I found this website and purchased the beginner course. I have absolutely zero experience meditating, so I am a little nervous about if it is going to work out for me in the long run. Wish me luck!!!

EDIT: Added the year to my recent dream

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