WILD technique but i panicked...any tips?

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WILD technique but i panicked...any tips?

Postby dreamstudent789 » 07 Jan 2013 18:31

Hi there

I'm new here (18years old) and I'd like to tell you all my experience that I had yesterday evening. So yesterday I really read a lot of information about lucid dreaming and I was like "today I'll start my journey to the world of lucid dreaming!" In March 2012, I already had started a dream journal, but after about 3/4 dreams I quit, because it didn't seem to work. Now I'm back, full of confidence that someday I will have my first lucid dream

So yesterday evening I was ready to do the WILD technique, which I thought was not going to be easy, because I had tried it before and it didn't work. So yesterday (with confidence it was going to work) I was laying in bed with earplugs in playing isochronic tones. At a very low volume of course. I start to relax, close my eyes and start saying to myself "I'm going to have a lucid dream" and " I'll stay conscious while falling asleep". After some time (a couple of minutes) I started to feel really heavy, like my body was made of stone and I was being pushed INSIDE my bed. Also, suddenly everything became much darker within myself; like "real" black 360°. But I felt that myself (my conscious self) was still there.So on one side I was thinking "wow it's starting to work!" , but on the other hand I really started to panic...my hart started racing like crazy! I became really scared, because of how dark it became and had the feeling that if i didn't resisted, the darkness would take me and then there would be nothing to do about it if I'd let in to the feeling. So I resisted and I "woke" up again (even if i didn't actually fall a sleep).
It sounds silly but I was really panicking at the moment, because how dark it was. Like demons and other dark entities would take me...So yeah...Any ideas why this happened? And how I can cope with this darkness feeling and how I should relax?
It would be much appreciated!

(My english is not that bad, I think, I'm from Belgium so if some sentences aren't that clear or "right" please note that it is not my native language)


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Re: WILD technique but i panicked...any tips?

Postby LucidLeon » 08 Jan 2013 11:15

It sounds like sleep paralysis. Sometimes if you panick in a sleep paralysis state, scary visions/feelings can occur, but you need to remember that YOU'RE in control and if you expect something creepy to happen, it probably will. Even though it's hard, try to expect something nice to happen instead and see what happens. Remember that nothing bad can happen to you if you don't want it to.

It's easier said than done though, but practice makes perfect! Good luck!

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Re: WILD technique but i panicked...any tips?

Postby DeltaV » 30 Mar 2013 16:34

The darkness is your friend, not your foe. Don't fight it. Just remember that. Imagine that the demons are actually friendly.
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Re: WILD technique but i panicked...any tips?

Postby taniaaust1 » 31 Mar 2013 04:07

I suggest to deal with your fears a bit in a logical way before trying this again as those fears could really stop you from succeding in LD. You may find you subconsciously stop yourself from succeding until you are truely ready for this.

Okay you are scared of demons.. ask yourself how likely it is that a real demon is going to attack you in a dream? They'd get a chance every night anyway if that was the case :D .

Do you truely think that is going to happen? People do LD all the time and darkness is normal. Also make sure you really know that when you are dreaming your thoughts will create the very "IMAGES" of what you are scared of.. so if a demon was there.. its nothing to fear anyway... its an IMAGE. A thought projection.

Maybe spend a few days dwelling on this thinking of yours and trying to over come the fears you have before trying again otherwise you are just setting yourself up for a bad experience which could make it even harder for you to have a LD.

Be prepared to have to use your thoughts to change dream situations .. seems this is something you werent prepared for. If its too dark.. you need to start thinking of whereever you are becoming lighter eg think of dawn breaking or holding a lamp in your hand. Keep in mind during LD you can change what you are experiencing and be prepared to do this.
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Re: WILD technique but i panicked...any tips?

Postby Peter » 31 Mar 2013 08:32

keep that 1% of objectivity when experienceing SP, this allows the fact that you are on the verge of an OBE or LD depending on belief to remain and then you can experience and observe at the same time. In doing this new worlds will open - LOL this for me was a few years of horrid SP so not easy task but worth the effort
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Re: WILD technique but i panicked...any tips?

Postby Lisecila » 31 Mar 2013 20:51

I've heard that the Wild technique is easier if you've been Lucid dreaming for a while (I don't know if it's true, because I have not attempted WILDS myself) I've been Lucid dreaming for 6 months now, and have only tried DILD, and MILD. To me these techniques worked very well in the beginning, so maybe it's easier to have your first Lucid dream with one of these techniques, just a suggestion :)
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