I DID IT! (First Post)

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I DID IT! (First Post)

Postby HawkEye » 11 Jan 2013 01:42

This is my first post on this forum, so hi!

I have always wanted to practice lucid dreaming, but felt socially awkward to start any kind of routine such as a dream journal or daily reality checks. Until yesterday. I figured if I never start a journal, I will never accomplish my goal. So I prepared some paper and went to bed, wondering if I would even remember any of my dreams at all.

I got WAY more than what I asked for. A full* lucid dream! Not ones where things still seem to be fuzzy. The amount of realism in the dream made me uneasy about the hard to believe truth. I went outside my house (in the dream) and thought about a common LD activity: flight. Being fully lucid, I jumped expecting to rise up like Superman, but gravity unexpected pull me down, but not back to the ground. I sank deeper and deeper into darkness, as the sky that was overhead shank into a tiny dot. Oddly enough, I wasn't afraid. But when I landed, I was in my bed and the dream ended (I was only lucid for two minutes). After going through my day, I felt the realistic feel of the dream fading, until now where it seems like a normal dream.

*I want to know if this qualifies as a full, 100% lucid dream. Does it? I also want to know; if I am blessed with more LDs, how should I prepare for them in the waking world in order to have the most rewarding experience possible?
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Re: I DID IT! (First Post)

Postby KungFuPanther » 17 Jan 2013 03:20

You......had a LUCID DREAM?! YOU LUCKY SON OF A....Uh, I mean... congrats! :D

It was a lucid dream if you realized it was a dream,and I have some advice on the flying, although I've never had a lucid dream before. (I envy you :D)

When Superman was a boy, he didn't start flying right away, he started hopping, as his jumps got bigger and bigger, he slowly started to glide, then fly. Don't focus on flying right away, just work your way up to it, slowly bend the laws of physics.

Until next time, UP, UP AND AWAY! :D
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