Listening to music playing in real life within a dream

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Listening to music playing in real life within a dream

Postby Dannydaninja » 11 Jan 2013 07:53

I woke up early in the morning I decided to try something different, I put on my ipod and played light classical music and went back to sleep.

In my dream the music was way louder than it was in waking life, and the chords were all distorted and it was a pain. In my dreams I chucked away my ipod but of course that had no effect.

I was just wondering if anybody knew any explanation for this, perhaps this is just me or it's just what generally happens when you listen to real life music within your dream.

Of course it doesn't really matter, I'm just curious :|

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Re: Listening to music playing in real life within a dream

Postby Summerlander » 11 Jan 2013 13:57

The auditory input of real sound waves were appended to your inner virtual reality. The distortion comes from the fact that the dream world model is the primary perception during the lucid state and the unconscious gets hold of external stimuli before the waking ego (you) does. Because of this, the unconscious part of you has time to distort it or even make a few additions as the sound of music may bring forth associations in your mind.

The fact that during REM sleep individuals can still perceive external stimuli, though sensory input from the external world is largely diminished, is what makes it possible for cuing technologies such as NovaDreamer to aid the induction of lucid dreams.

Another method for lucid dream induction that takes advantage of this physiological trait in humans is working in pairs. An individual falls asleep while a waking assistant observes and waits until the sleeper reaches the REM phase. One way to see if sleepers are in REM is by looking at their closed eyelids and detect movement. Once the assistant is sure REM has been reached, he can whisper something in the sleeper's ear like "you are dreaming" and hopefully this will manifest as a convincing dream sign for the latter and promote lucidity.
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