Dream journal help

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Dream journal help

Postby Bizanchinryuu » 13 Jan 2013 20:31

I've been trying to hold a dream journal, but every morning I forget to write in it, or i can't get out of my bed, out of pure laziness. Any tips on how to get myself to write?

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Re: Dream journal help

Postby Mike__Bizz » 14 Jan 2013 00:19

It's either you want to do it or you don't. What you're telling me right now is you don't want to do it.

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Re: Dream journal help

Postby HAGART » 14 Jan 2013 02:02

I keep a pencil and paper beside my bed and just write key words down to help trigger my memory later. Then later, after you fully awaken, you can take your notes and write your dream journal in full words and paragraphs later and it is surprising how it only takes a few words to help you remember the full dream. This morning I wrote one word at about 3 in the morning, on my paper in the dark without turning on a light, it was the word 'canoe'. Then after I woke up it helped me remember the dream and it turned out to be two full paragraphs! That was just one dream and I had about 5 or so and when I write them out on computer it can take upwards of an hour and I admit even I got too lazy to do it, but am starting again because they are always fun to revisit later in your life. But in the night, in bed, just a few key words is all it takes. You can't say you are too lazy for that can you?!
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