A dream about a girl i had an unfinished romance with.

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A dream about a girl i had an unfinished romance with.

Postby Lio1994 » 13 Jan 2013 22:46

Hello, i had a dream tonight about a girl that im used to be in close contact with.. we never developed any kind of relationship sadly, (she lied alot of drastic lies that made me back off.) she said she had a boyfriend.. she was a player, everybody warned me.. it all started from her eyes scanning me and got to us together going to the gym like 6 times a week for 2 months straight. she spent money on me and people were surprised to hear that she does, claiming she's suppoused to be a goldigger, and that she really loves me if so. she also lied she has a boyfriend, added another guy in the scene attempting to make me jelous by inviting him over to her grandma for a meal and ANNOUNCING that in my face, and also kissed a girl infront of my face claiming she was her boyfriend all that time. she also left 10 photos on my phone of us together.
no matter what happens shes in my mind.. shes a mean player but somehow she was soft and gentle with me, she was afraid to lose our connection, you could really see.. i guess she had big plans like i did, but i screwed and it didnt work out. i got to mention she's stunning.. she doesnt need me men chase her 24/7.
most of the time she was emotionless.. she couldnt say "i miss you" or hug for no reason.. or express love of any kind like other girls often do her only way to show love was teasing. but when we see eachother randomly she usually steals the show, shows lots of love and teases ALOT infront of anybody, since i learned to be cold with her people usually told me "cant you see she loves you?".. now i had a dream ive been talking with another girl i barely speak to, which is her friend, it happened at my house's garden, and suddenly she showed up. when i saw her face in the dream i could see love in her eyes.. what i never saw in real and as usual we hugged and i could feel love and warmness in her hug, i kissed her cheek and she kissed my neck a couple of times then we swinged to the left and the right (that kind of hug) i told her i missed her and she did so too (she never told me "i missed you" all along our way..).
(WE HAVNT BEEN TALKING FOR LIKE A MONTH NOW, DOES THIS DREAM MEANS SHE MISSES ME!? IF IT DOES IM THE HAPPIEST MAN ON EARTH.) now as i woke up, it really made me wonder can she really have emotions..? perhaps it was what i want her to be... im confused.. this dream really blew my mind..
i need a definition.. BADLY.
Thanks in advance,

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Re: A dream about a girl i had an unfinished romance with.

Postby Mrayoba12 » 09 Jun 2013 22:30

You shouldent let a dream tell you what to do. If you really like her tell her, ask her out and see where it gose from there.

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Re: A dream about a girl i had an unfinished romance with.

Postby VingTsun » 23 Sep 2013 03:19

ABSOLUTELY NOT, Do not lose sense of reality, your dreams doesnt mean SHE misses you. It mean YOU miss her, clearly you have feeling about her. Reach out to her and live your life regret free. if she rejects you it will allow you to move on much easier than if you spend your life saying what if.
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Re: A dream about a girl i had an unfinished romance with.

Postby erichsa » 24 Sep 2013 20:08

Ving Tsun that was in June, I see you go into old postings, I am curios why, no offence just curios. :)

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