Unexpected WILD attempt?

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Unexpected WILD attempt?

Postby lodestar » 14 Jan 2013 14:42


Three nights after I discovered this site, I decided to try a WBTB. I always wake up early so it was an easy thing to try. First I wrote down the 3rd entry in my new dream diary and then I got up for around 40 min. Back in bed, I tried to focus on specific scenery and on the fact that I was going to dream (and know it).

After a few moments of focusing and relaxing, I began to feel my muscles being tense and a funny sensation in my chest. I noticed it could be something close to a WILD, even if it was not what I was trying to do. So I continued focusing, the tense feeling became more strong and I felt like I was somewhere else even if I was still fully aware of the sounds of my family getting up. I was hungry, too. My heart began to beat as never before, and I felt my eyes going crazy behind my eyelids.

From that point, I tried to “materialize” the dream, but everything was black and eventually all this faded away; I was still fully awake. I did this 4 or 5 times in a row, each time being less intense than the preceding one. Between the attempts I felt like my mind was trying to dream without success.

All in all, it was a nice experience.

Was this an unexpected WILD attempt? Any idea of what I messed up?

Have a nice day!

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Re: Unexpected WILD attempt?

Postby lodestar » 15 Jan 2013 15:11

Got it ! On the fourth try this morning.

I did the same thing than yesterday, but i focused on staying calm. No more racing heart beat or eye movement feelings. My breath was more constant too.

At some point I began to feel my entire body going numb. Then the background sound of my computer became louder and started to go on and off very rapidly. I knew it was a hallucination. Then I felt like I was rising in my bedroom (but it didn't feel like I was out of my body). The next moment, I opened my eyes to find myself on my back in my bed. I had difficulty to move. I looked at my hands and they were like a buggy informatics model made of little squares, but it was so real. I did a reality check and my index slowly crossed the palm of my hand. Sweet!

I succeeded in keeping myself calm, but not to stabilize all this. I woke up (and did a truck load of reality checks to ensure I was not dreaming anymore).

I have one thing to say : for those who have difficulties achieving it, don't give up. It's truly worth it !

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