Having troubles with WILD or WBTB (HI)

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Having troubles with WILD or WBTB (HI)

Postby ldwannabe » 17 Jan 2013 01:42

Hi guys, just made this account because after several weeks of unsuccessful attempts at a lucid dream, I realize I should be asking for help. I guess I'll try to give a short run down of what I've been doing. I've been setting my alarm for 5 hours after I go to bed, and when I wake up I lie there for about 10 minutes before attempting to WILD. Normally after about 10 minutes I begin to feel my limbs go numb and I feel lighter, but for the next 10 minutes I get no HI, and eventually I either fall asleep or get an itch or twitch that wakes me up, forcing me to start over. I'm guessing it would help you guys to know I've been attempting this for about two weeks, and when my alarm wakes me up I attempt to recall/write down my dreams but normally my recollection is poor. Also, when I wake up I do not get out of bed and return minutes later, should I be doing so? Thanks for any tips.

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Re: Having troubles with WILD or WBTB (HI)

Postby lodestar » 17 Jan 2013 02:45

According to my less than one week experience, it seems to be easier if you get out of bed before attempting the WILD. I think you can find more information about this on this website. It allows you to be more awake, hence more conscious of your body falling asleep.

Also, if I remember well, it's not everyone who gets HI before dreaming. I don't think I saw any in my few WILD attempts until now (well, I still don't really know what they are exactly so it's hard to tell). Someone else might have more information than me here :)

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Re: Having troubles with WILD or WBTB (HI)

Postby SydTheCat » 27 Jan 2013 22:08

Yeah, I would get up, and maybe go to the bathroom. I find if I just lie there I usually won't have a lucid dream, but if I get up to go to the bathroom and come back to bed and read for a few minutes on lucid dreaming, then I have my best chance of lucid dreaming. I think of it as 'loading up some consciousness' before going back to sleep.
I'm at the point now, where I feel myself slipping into a dream from waking state. Its hard to describe, but when I feel it happening I know whats about to happen and I can enter a lucid dream quite easily.
Some things I do, that has helped me is while lying in bed with your eyes closed, try doing some inner movement. for example, I will imagine my body rotating on a head to toe axis 360 degrees for a few rotations, and also rotate from my belly (head where my feet are) . I think it loosens up my astral body for flight, well at least thats my belief. :)
Good luck.

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Re: Having troubles with WILD or WBTB (HI)

Postby TheMahlan » 29 Jan 2013 16:14

Sorry but what does "HI" mean. I just don't know that acronym lol

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Re: Having troubles with WILD or WBTB (HI)

Postby DreamerMan99 » 01 Apr 2013 03:17

HI is hypogognic imagry.

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Good luck,
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Re: Having troubles with WILD or WBTB (HI)

Postby taniaaust1 » 04 Apr 2013 09:24

First BIG issue is that you dont seem to have the basics yet. If your dream recall is poor you may get to the point where you are having lucids but dont remember them. You really need to work on your dream recall and start writing down anything you remember IMMEDIATELY when you remember it. I used to get up in the middle of the night to actually write down my dreams.. as if I waited till morning or even minutes, I'd forgot and even at times would forget entirely I dreamed.

I find even if at times I only remember a wee bit of a dream.. just the act of starting to write it.. can help me to remember more. Keep a book and pencil right by your bed so you can write down dreams right away.

but for the next 10 minutes I get no HI, and eventually I either fall asleep or get an itch or twitch that wakes me up, forcing me to start over.

Its not an issue at all that a person isnt getting HI. I myself dont get HI (only very very rarely) but still can go straight into a LD from a WILD with no loss of consciousness at all. I often find myself in dreams with dream feel and dream hearing even before my dream sight comes in at all. (not everyone is good at having images before going into an actual dream).

The itch or twitch..sometimes its like the subconciousness can cause issues like that to put us off. I myself have found if I can completely ignore an itch (yeah its hard and can be sooo annoying) but if i manage to ignore it.. Ive found it can help my physical body switch off and Ive found myself very quickly in a LD after I've ignored the itch and suddenly had that feeling gone.

If you are falling asleep within 20 mins of trying to WILD.. change what position you use to do this eg Im far less likely to not just fall asleep if Im laying on my back (it may be different to you, use a different position then your usual sleep one).
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