First lucid dream! (?)

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First lucid dream! (?)

Postby juve » 17 Jan 2013 08:38

Hey there, I'm new in this forum.
I started to be interested in Lucid Dreaming about a half a year ago, but I didn't really do anything to get moving with it.
About a a week or two ago I saw this forum, which got me all interested again, but this time I said to myself I'm taking this serious.
I started a Dream Journal, did Reality Checks and such, and last night, not by even meaning to get a Lucid Dream or thinking about one, I achieved one.
In the dream I was messing with my computer, and when I tried to watch the time(On the computer) it changed all the time. At first I was annoyned cause I didn't realize whats wrong with my computer, but than it hit me, I was dreaming!
The moment I said "Its a dream!" I was getting a little shiver and things cleared out abit.
I knew I was dreaming, and I think I went lucid, but it didn't really feel right, so to be sure I did some more reality checks. At first I tried to move my hand into a wall, and it didn't work, second I tried to jump and float in the air, which didn't work either, and last I grabbed my nose to see if I can still breathe, and it worked.
The dream were about 3 minutes, it all went in my house, nothing special happend, nothing surreal that I could say "That and that happend while I was dreaming!", it was like I was dreaming but the dream went just like in real life, nothing exciting.

The main thing that bothered me was that it didn't really feel real like I saw everyone else saying, everyone describe it as the most amazing experience they ever had, and that everything felt so real, but to me(Maybe just because I didn't really pay much attention, or because it was my first lucid dream) it felt kinda normal.

Is this case common? I went lucid but still it didn't feel like what I expected it to be.

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Re: First lucid dream! (?)

Postby KungFuPanther » 17 Jan 2013 12:14

Yes, this is quite common when having your first LD, I just had my first an hour ago. (It's 4 a.m. here) And just as everything was starting to go from a normal dream to a lucid dream, I woke up, but noticed it wasn't the amazing reality that people had described yet. I think I need to work on my stabilization techniques.

LD's get better with practice, so we should just keep working at it.

Well, I had better get back to bed.
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