How do I catch this dreamsign?

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How do I catch this dreamsign?

Postby Guitar48300 » 17 Jan 2013 22:23

The most common dreamsign I see and miss in my dreams is the scene "jumps" right to another scene in the middle of the dream right in front of me. Example, I dreamed I was at my house with my best friend, then somehow I'm in shallow ocean waters with Nathan Drake from Uncharted and we're trying to run to a boat that's leaving the island we're nearby. But in between these dreams, there was no blackout, fuzziness or shapeshifting it all just instantly changed.

I'm doing reality checks related to this dreamsign, but I wonder if I should my 10 per day like I normally do, or whenever there's any change in my location, direction and/or situation what-so-ever. When I think about option B i feel like that's "trying too hard" which I'm not supposed to do, right? What do you think?
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Re: How do I catch this dreamsign?

Postby Rebecca » 18 Jan 2013 00:04

First, what you're doing (re: reality checks) is probably dead right, so keep doing it. Reality checking can a while before the habit filters into the dream world so it could well be just a matter of time.

Second, refine your reality check so it occurs whenever you get that feeling of "BAM! I'm in a new environment!" Your brain takes a few seconds to adjust to all the new stimulus, and you want to recreate that feeling in a dream, as that's what will trigger your lucidity.

I'd suggest doing a "BAM!" reality check every time you: get out of a car at your destination, emerge up top from an underground train station, watch a completely new scene in a movie theater, exit your front door, wake up, and so on.

The question to ask during the RC is "How did I get here? Am I dreaming?" and think back to the transition between the last environment and this one. Is it logical? Does it make sense?

Be prepared for your dreaming self to come up with false memories for how you got there, so it's important to probe that line of questioning and follow it up with two good reality checks.
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