Scared of dreaming

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Scared of dreaming

Postby dreamdoe » 18 Jan 2013 14:26

hi everybody. I'm new with the topic of Lucid Dreaming and very curious. I would like to try and learn how to be more aware of my own dreaming and try to lucid dream. When I was younger I dreamed allot, I had some really beautiful dreams but also a lot of really bad ones. They would be so dark that they would wake me up. There was one dream that kept on coming back and for a wile I was very scared to go to sleep. For a view years now I am sleeping like a rose and dont recall my dreams when I wake up. Now I heard positive things about LD, that you can face your fears and ask yourself questions. My question to you guys is; Can you also have a bad lucid dream? Did anyone had some experience whit this? Or is it true that you can build up your whole dream from scratch, so you have total control? I'm asking this because I'm a little bit scared of facing these scary dreams and wouldn't like to be locked up in one of them. Maybe somebody can help me out.

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Re: Scared of dreaming

Postby diebie » 22 Jan 2013 16:43

I dont think you can have a bad lucid dream because you are in control of it, only bad thing that happends to me is that I wake up because i'm so excited i'm dreaming lucid. Alltough for me lucidity isn't always an exit in bad dreams. Once dreamed i was in the second world war. I was in a pond hiding for germans that wanted to kill me. Suddenly i realised i was breathing under water... I knew was dreaming and i tought, hey it's just a dream, i fly away out of the pool. From under the water i could see the silhoutte of germans with guns that where standing around the pool. Then i tought, hmm... well you know what, i won't fly away because if i'm not dreaming and i fly away they will shoot me.
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