I think I did it!

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I think I did it!

Postby clown » 22 Jan 2013 00:34

I did WBTB and it is a success!(I think) I can't actually believe it yet. I followed the methods and went back to sleep. I close my eyes and suddenly I can seem to tell myself to go into the HI images that appear in my mind. It was a nicely patterned grid of circles and when I 'entered it', I felt some kind breathlessness and excitement rushing though, and that high frequency noise we always hear. My body feels like its shifted positions and i hear waterfall. Here's wat my dream is, still nothing fanciful.

I am lying in the same bed. I open my eyes and everything is still there, my chair, computer , desk, etc. except, I see cartoon animations appearing right on my chairs, and two televisions right outside my door, not even the one which is originally in my living room. They are playing the cartoon animations as well. That point I actually think of doing RC for the first time in my dreams. Finger thru palm, not working. cover mouth-nose and breathe. It's kinda working. I observe the animations on my for a while and slowly disappears. Then I got my attention back to the TVs and they disappear one by one as well.

Then I alr moved on to a non-lucid dream(felt it was).

Any experience whether is this a true LD? I experienced it for the first time so I can't be 100% sure of myself. Anyone can help?

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Re: I think I did it!

Postby Peter » 22 Jan 2013 03:00

I think you did have a LD so well done and work on the next one now
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Re: I think I did it!

Postby arnjak » 22 Jan 2013 11:12

congratz. try it again next time

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