Third try is the one right?

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Third try is the one right?

Postby WEN » 24 Jan 2013 04:51

Two years ago, I found out about lucid dreaming and decided to try it, but it didn't work out because of school and lack of discipline. I tried again in October-ish last year, but it didn't work because of the same reasons. I want to get back into trying to lucid dreaming, but its hard for me as a student and a loose sleeping schedule. I have never experienced a lucid dream before and really want to get my first taste of what it is like.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for me on managing a sleeping schedule/ lucid dreaming in general?


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Re: Third try is the one right?

Postby HawkEye » 24 Jan 2013 22:02

Two things you need to do:

1. Take advantage of weekends. If you want to use the quick fire journal or WILD technique, plan to do them on the weekends when you don't have to worry about waking up early.

2. DON'T force it. From my experience, a LD cannot be forced. Sure, you have to commit, but you have to just let it happen. If you keep recording your dreams and increase your general awareness, a LD is almost guaranteed.
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Re: Third try is the one right?

Postby LCDAnthony » 24 Jan 2013 23:19

If three times was the charm, I wouldn't be hear right now asking for a lot of questions hahaha

Discipline, Motivation, and practice are the number one key things to do/have.
I've been going for about 3 months... But I'm still on top of this! You can do it man, I know you can!

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Re: Third try is the one right?

Postby WEN » 26 Jan 2013 05:32

I'm not technologically advanced, but I think this is how you reply.
@HawkEye Thank you for the tips, are there other techniques that will work during the weekdays? And how do I find the motivation to wake up a few minutes earlier each day to write in my journal? I'm the type who will hit the snooze button and continue sleeping until a family member starts to shout at me.

@LCDAnthony I see, wow! You do have a lot of motivation. In my lucid dreaming attempt history, I've only been at it for around 2 months total. I think this time is the one though, I can feel it. Thank you! I believe you can do it to! Keep me updated on your progress too.

I'm just going to use this fourm thread to talk to other lucid dream beginner and dreams I record that I find interesting or any close attempts that happen to me. Think of it as my "almost" virtual dream journal.

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