you are here! - need help, please!

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you are here! - need help, please!

Postby Pihbell » 26 Jan 2013 07:24

Hi guys!

So I would really appreciate help on this one. The thing is I keep having dreams with the same guy, and I don't know who he is but he just keeps showing up in my dreams. Speaking of finding me, of missing me, that it has been a long time since the last time we talked, and we keep meeting in different places, in a park with bright green grass on a sunny day, in a dark hotel room where it is snowing inside (weird I know), on a coffe shop, on a crowded music concert. In certain dreams he has even mentionned having to end the dream because he was about to wake up...

But let me tell you my last dream with him. I was dreaming that I was at a coffe shop with my mother and sister, and a friedn of mine was working at a store right next to the coffe shop. The store - I believe it was a tattoo shop but it had clothing as well, accesories, etc - was sort of gothic and in the middle of the store there was a guy drawing something he had a client with him discussing how he wanted his project (maybe he was having a tattoo done?). I was about to ask my friend to show me some bracelets they had at the store, I wanted black and grey ones, but for some reason he ignored me and wanted to drag me back to the coffee shop, he seemed to be in a hurry of taking me from that store. Suddenly I noticed that the guy that was the client was actually the guy that keeps showing up in my dreams! I didn't want to leave the store, I wanted to go there and ask him who he was! My friend dragged me to the coffee shop and suddenly I was with him, my mother and sister at the coffee shop. I wanted to get up and run back to the store! I thought I would never see him again (and somehow that made me feel sad!) or have the chance of speaking with him. Out of the blue he shows up at the coffee shop, comes to our table and gives a hand shake to my friend, then he holds my hand and kisses it in a very soft way but I didn't offered him my all hand only two fingers for him to grab (what the f*** brain?) and kiss. At this time my friend was laughing really hard and I was speechless, I wanted to speak but I couldn't, nothing would come out. I remember he had sort of a blue aura around him, that colour was always around him even in his voice I could "see" blue, like ice blue... His voice was warm, loud and strong and I only remember him saying: you are here! and smiling. Then he went to his table. At this time my mother said: if you keep thinking you are less than others you won't go anywhere with him. And so the dream ended! It was the first time, and this is the 6th dream I have with him, that my family and friends appear on the same dreams he is.

Please help! I keep dreamming of this guy and I have no idea of who he is, what it means.... I just want to know your opinion.
Thanks in advance!

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Re: you are here! - need help, please!

Postby dreamworld777 » 15 Feb 2013 23:59

Wow!!! That is amazing.You totally blew my mind when you said that he says he has to end the dream because he has to wake up...!!!!

When you have these dreams,are they lucid where you have any control over what you say or do,or are they normal dreams where you are not able to control anything?
If they are lucid,I would definitely find him and ask him who he is to you...does he have a message for you or something that he needs to tell you???
If they aren't lucid,perhaps you can start trying to achieve lucidity in your dreams and remember that when you see him,this is a clear indication that you are dreaming because you do not know him in real life...he could be your trigger to becoming aware that you are dreaming.Once you are lucid you can finally ask him questions.He seems to speak clearly and logically to you in your dreams and you remember the things that he says,that is great...sometimes when people ask questions in lucid dreams,they cannot get a logical answer or have trouble understanding or even the people will not answer them at all.Maybe in a lucid dream,he will be able to speak to you as well as he has been in these dreams you're having now.

Good luck in your will be very interesting to see what you find out.Be sure to keep us posted :P

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