Poetry Party

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knight of cups
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Poetry Party

Postby knight of cups » 29 Jan 2013 15:40

I'm at a party with people I don't know. It seems I've been hired to play hand drums while people read poetry. At first it feels like the crowd is kind of University Professor elite but everyone relaxes and it's quite enjoyable. I play this energy game with a young guy in which we shake our hands at each other and pretend to create designs on each others shirts.

Then a miniature elephant comes bouncing into the room. Here's my chance to become lucid....but no, I miss it. I go outside for some air and I'm in the mountains. I climb up some rocks with very interesting lichen stripes on them and the dream fades.

I feel that this dream could represent me joining this dream forum, that the people here may be very creative.

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Re: Poetry Party

Postby Lisecila » 31 Jan 2013 08:01

Interesting! So many symbolic elements in this dream. I also think there's a lot of creative people here, Lucid dreaming will make every human creative ;)
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Re: Poetry Party

Postby oliverclay » 21 Mar 2013 06:26

Lisecila wrote:Interesting! So many symbolic elements in this dream. I also think there's a lot of creative people here, Lucid dreaming will make every human creative ;)

This is strong believe you guys got, Keep it up!

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Re: Poetry Party

Postby taniaaust1 » 22 Mar 2013 01:24

Yeah I too would think this dream was representing creativity in your life and you enjoying this.

The miniture elephant is quite an interesting symbol. I'd wonder if that represents some kind of "little" life problem as an elephant in a room would be huge problem (just imagine the trouble that would cause). Elephants are also "heavy". heaviness may indicate issues too.. but luckily this elephant is only a little one.

If the elephant is representing a small life problem.. I'd think being "elephant" it could also be a "solid" and "sturdy" problem .. by that one I mean one which isnt a fleeting (temporary) problem and one which may be hard to solve. Small problem which could be long term related to fun and creativity (maybe you are wanting more of this in your life? Your dream may or may not represent you are getting this (it could be a wanting dream or could indicate you have this now) but there may be an issue around it.

Anyway.. this is what comes to me when I think "elephant in a room".
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