My first attempt

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My first attempt

Postby Cory28 » 30 Jul 2011 05:01

Hello, Im new to this idea, and im eager to try it out. and I've decided to try some things to help with this.

1: I'm depending slightly on the thing about Children doing this, since i am only a year away from being a teen.

2: i sorta started singing to myself quietly "am i dreaming?" in hopes that my dream self will countine the habit and relize whats going on.

3: occasinaly, im adding a "I will remember my dream" to the song, in hopes that saying it aloud constantly will enforce it.

4:sometimes i will push two fingers agaisnt my left hand, to again, force it as a habbit that i might preform in the dream.

I'm rather determind to get this to work, and thinking mentaly "This is gonna work!" might effect it some.
i'll post what happened in the morning for me. *restarts the chant of "Am i dreaming and goes to sleep while saying it* :D

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Re: My first attempt

Postby Cory28 » 30 Jul 2011 14:49

First attempt failed, but gotta keep trying, dident see anything saying you could do it on your first go. got a actual goal now, other then try to make fun of what is left of summer. I want to experience this atleast ONCE.

I'm going to try again today when i either get tired from waking up earlier then normal, or from normal going to sleep.

almost wishing i still had nightmares to make this more easy. then again, when i have nightmares, closest i got to a lucid state would be freaking out about being chased and telling myself "Time to wake up....time to wake up.." then i'd just wake myself up :| bah I will get it soon enough. ill make sure to say when it does work, even if I do freak out about it and just wake myself back up instantly.

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Re: My first attempt

Postby Magnus » 30 Jul 2011 23:53

Keep on trying man! There is nothing to lose :) And when you get your first one, it'll be easier to do it again.

Looking forward to hear from you when you get a lucid dream :)
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Have given up, for now. The school is too much work. I am going to keep doing it i my weekend and vacations though :)

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Re: My first attempt

Postby Cory28 » 06 Aug 2011 17:59

:D :D :D :D :D :D
I did it! sorta! it was one of those few second only lucid dreams.

What happened was in the dream, i was playing a game (Zelda, Ocarina of time incase you are wondering)
when i noticed that my character was acting odd and making the kid character noises. i thought about that i would go back and swap to kid then back to an adult to fix it, when it happened before my eyes. then the dream went dark, i relized i was dreaming, and well, couldent feel the snap into focus part, just darkness, but i did feel really weird all over my body. does this sound like a lucid dream or was i dreaming about having a lucid dream?

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Re: My first attempt

Postby PrototypeTEGTA » 06 Aug 2011 18:06

oh my god, people keep asking this question..."did i get lucid, or did i dream lucidity?" (and i actually was one of them = lol), now the moment you realize that your dreaming is a lucid dream, but if you think it's something else then you must stick to the feeling of what your mind thinks you've had......a lucid dream or a dream about lucidity?
Don't ask us this question, ask yourself. :D
Hope you better LDs next time, and take care!
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Re: My first attempt

Postby Mewie » 06 Aug 2011 19:32

Congratulations, it must be big.
I hope you will dream a little longer next time.
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