3 little towers. (A old dream returning)

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3 little towers. (A old dream returning)

Postby hebekie » 31 Jan 2013 22:24

I had this very strange dream, that honestly made me a bit scared :lol:

I only remember it from a certain point, i suddenly noticed i was in a building, hospital like and very big.
But the building was collapsing, everyone was screaming outside and i stood near a window in a room surrounded by blocks collapsing from the other rooms, i suddenly noticed that i had this dream before years ago, but that i would continue it now. Of course i had no control of my actions sadly, tough it felt like i did.

I jumped out the building and went outside to only see people panicking and running around while behind me the gigantic building that was higher then the clouds fell down, i simply walked down the street when i got teleported to the middle of the city where everyone was living their normal day, it was night and all the lights of the clubs and cars driving by where shining bright, when suddenly a big tower in the background collapsed, everyone started screaming except me, i noticed my dad and mom stood next to me not reacting to anything at all, from my right i noticed a second tower going down and from my left too.

I went to bird view and the whole ground went all chaotic and strange, i couldn't make out what was what and i only saw random people it was a big grey mess, my viewpoint got teleported (again) to a big building in the middle of a city where a maid entered a hall with stairs going down, the only problem was for the maid that the whole room was shaking from right to left, a man also came into the hall and asked her a question i could't understand. She finally managed to enter a big brown/green door to give a piece of cake and some coffee to a fat business man sitting inside his room looking outside, then i watched the world from the sky again, seeing that that everything was peaceful again and the rubble of the 3 towers.

I woke up. Pretty interesting i should say xP

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