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Postby luciddreamer49 » 01 Feb 2013 20:12

What is the best ld book that you would suggest for a beginner?:)

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Re: books?:)

Postby R99 » 02 Feb 2013 14:35

LUCID DREAMING written by Robert Waggoner.
EXPLORING THE WORLD OF LUCID DREAMING written by Stephen LaBerge, Ph. D.and Howard Rheingold

easy to find as an e-book,google it.
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Re: books?:)

Postby Summerlander » 02 Feb 2013 22:32

What R99 said plus Michael Raduga's "School of Out-of-body Travel - A Practical Guidebook", now known as just "The Phase".

Methods can also be found in LaBerge's "Lucid Dreaming" but the one R99 mentioned goes deeper. For a comprehensive scientific study, you might also want to check out Celia Green's "Lucid Dreaming: The Paradox of Consciousness During Sleep".
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Re: books?:)

Postby Ryan » 03 Feb 2013 18:50

Not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but you can give my free 60 page eBook a read. :)

"My Astral Projection Truth: What is Astral Projection and How to do it!"

You can download it here:
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Re: books?:)

Postby Peter » 03 Feb 2013 20:35

Cheers, I haven't seen this one

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