The foreign nature of the dreamer

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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The foreign nature of the dreamer

Postby Intrepid » 05 Feb 2013 01:54

Lucid dream
February 1st, 2013
MILD technique-questioned reality

I've been diligently practicing reality checks and had four lucid dreams in four weeks thus far. I'd really like to get feedback on what everyone or anyone feels this dream may have symbolized, if anything. The dream didn't end where my journal did, but it did immediately focus on my ex girlfriend and a very long conversation with her. I was fully lucid but let the dream guide me as opposed to my previous few lucids. I haven't posted those because they quickly degraded into sexual fantasy upon my lucid awakening within the dream state. =) My main curiosity lies with the almost-cliche event towards the end...
The dream went as follows....
Feedback, please. =)

The dream begins and I am searching for an iten called "Immortalion" that I know will give me great strength and powers. How I know this is not clear to me. From where I remember, I am diving down a large, deep, stone well. The water is very clear and there is soft, ambient light coming from everywhere. Its diameter is roughly twenty to thirty feet, and I am diving with two others who are searching for the item along with me.
We find the item and it is abstract, its power-granting abilities mysteries rather than obvious and clear. I can only say that it resembles a spear and I begin to bring it to the surface of the well. There is some kind of interaction with a giant fish, but it seemed insignificant and I do not remember it now.
As we leave the waters, our path takes us up a stone staircase that hugs the walls of the well. We travel upwards, looking down frequently at the beautiful water below us, not knowing where the stairs will lead. Suddenly, there is a door in front of us and we decide to enter it. Once inside, our attention turns to the crowd of people within a fairly large room. The floors are dusty and old, made of some kind of wood. The walls appear to be white, or at least were at some point. The paint is faded and flaky. Large windows are letting in soft light from what appears to be outside. The detail and ambiance excite my imagination and I suddenly have inner dialogue.
"Think. What was it that you wanted to do? Dream? Are you dreaming? You wanted to have a lucid dream...didn't you?"
I pause and look around, somewhat in a mental haze of mild confusion and excitement. I realize the two companions are gone as a woman walks directly up to me and begins to speak. Her words were unclear but very firm and loud. I ignore her and attempt to concentrate as my inner dialogue resumes.
"Is this a dream? It IS a dream. What do you do from here? Concentrate. Clarity. Solidify the state. Concentrate."
The woman's voice gets louder, as do the voices of the group in the room, and pure conversation is taking place as everyone stops moving. The inner dialogue continues...faster, more intense, almost matching the group's and the woman in front of me.

"Stabilize this. You know how. Clarity. Rub your hands together."

I rub my hands together and can feel the friction. My lucidity begins to solidify.

"Feel that? The warmth from your hands, do you feel it? Feel it. You have it. You've done it. Perfect."

I become completely lucid as everyone in the room suddenly stops talking and looks directly at me. I am instantly jarred by this and unsure what to make of it.

The following phrase booms through the room in the same voice of my inner dialogue.
"The foreign nature of the dreamer. They know who you are."

I feel my eyes wide open and my face turn red, unsure of what this means. Their stares are intimidating and the atmosphere is dead-silent. However, everyone in the room suddenly resumes walking about and conversing as though nothing had happened. I accept this and dismiss it as quickly as it happened.

"Music." I say as I begin to walk, remembering reading about performing this request.
An ominous song begins to play from somewhere and the hairs on my arms stand up in excitement at my success.
The music becomes slightly louder but doesn't interest me. I decide that I won't waste my limited time with small curiosities and wish to explore.

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