Who remembers Twin Peaks?? Some discoveries about this...

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Who remembers Twin Peaks?? Some discoveries about this...

Postby dreamworld777 » 14 Feb 2013 17:14

Who remembers the strange and confusing TV series Twin Peaks that aired in the early 90's by David Lynch??
I decided one day to watch this series over again after many years..no idea why,but I always loved it.David Lynch has always been one of my favorite writers and directors with all his dreamy,strange story plots that no one could ever seem to grasp.When watching it,I came to the realization that this show is not so strange after all.

When i first watched it years ago,I was not aware of lucid dreaming or anything particular about the dream world.I have just become interested in the dream world over the past 2 years since I began to have semi lucid dreams and investigated them further.Now when I watched this series from beginning to end over the course of a few days,it hit me like a ton of bricks...this show is all seemingly based on dreams and the dream world.This is why for so many people,they always say...'it makes no sense"...because they are seeing it from a reality point of view.It was absolutely awesome and I understood everything about it....all the characters and dreamy music and the whole story line seemed to be based on this 'other world' that no one else could see or understand but Agent Cooper who was fully into the Tibetian (I may have spelled that wrong) and he was able to dream and communicate with these dream characters who helped him to solve a murder case of high school prom queen Laura Palmer,who constantly referred to how she "dreamed one of those dreams at night"......

I think that because lucid dreaming wasn't as known about at this time,when people watched this,it seemed illogical to them and way too hard to understand.But for someone who is aware of dreaming,lucid especially,this series begins to fall together and make perfect sense.
I got the feeling that maybe David Lynch bases his movies and shows on dreams and dream characters....which makes him and his work absolutely fascinating to me......some of his movies,such as Eraserhead,which is full of visions and impossibilities and strange happenings and constant strange sounds,seems to resemble so clearly things we see and hear in dreams.....just love that David Lynch forever ;)

Are there any dreamers out there who are or were fans of Twin Peaks?? If so,it would be interesting to start a thread about it and discuss what feelings this show brought us or maybe what it opened our eyes to......would love to hear any input you may have.If you haven't ever seen this series,it is available on Netflix for instant watching..the movie Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me,however,cannot be viewed online,you have to order the DVD...the movie follows the series,so definitely watch the series first....I highly recommend it for all dreamers out there....if you haven't seen it in years,rewatch it and see it from a 'dreaming' perspective and see how much more sense it makes......looks like Mr. Lynch knew a bit about lucid dreaming long before many of us did and maybe he was just letting us in on a totally different world full of strange dreams and dream characters.......by far one of my favorite series of all time....especially now :lol:

Let me know what you think and what your thoughts are on this show.......would love to hear from any Twin Peaks fans out there......

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Re: Who remembers Twin Peaks?? Some discoveries about this..

Postby Summerlander » 15 Feb 2013 13:08

I remember Twin Peaks being on when I was a kid. Was it about someone disappearing? I think I'll have to check it out! Thanks, mate! 8-)
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Re: Who remembers Twin Peaks?? Some discoveries about this..

Postby dreamworld777 » 15 Feb 2013 16:12

It was about a high school girl who was murdered which led to a series of other murders in the town.They called in an FBI agent to help solve the case.As he dug deeper into the case,he began to find that her murder was strongly linked to a spiritual force..and the murderer was referred to as a man named Bob.Bob was a spiritual force that existed in the dreamworld and not in reality but only certain people who had 'a gift' could ever see him.The FBI agent,who was well into the tibetan methods and beliefs and a strongly spiritual person,was able to see this entity 'Bob' and converse with dream characters who helped lead him to the correct answers to solve the case.He would dream at night and find himself talking to dream characters that would give him clues as to where he needed to look for answers..one primary character being a giant who would appear to him in his room while he slept and reveal clues to him and give him direction.

It was just an awesome show and once I was able to view it from a 'dreamworld' perspective,I could clearly understand what was going on throughout the show which was amazing because when I watched it in the 90s I was completely lost trying to figure it out..but strangely enough,I was always so connected with that show...possibly because I was a vivid dreamer and could relate although I had no idea at that time that this is what the whole show was based on...dreams and dream characters....dream symbols and dream sounds.....

People always say that they cannot watch David Lynch movies because they lack sense and logic...in the real world perhaps,but I've found that if you are someone who is into dreams and the dreamworld,his work is totally understandable and ever so interesting....

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