The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track - Customer Reviews

Discuss external aids which help you lucid dream including brainwave entrainment, supplements and herbs, lucid dream masks, and more.
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The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track - Customer Reviews

Postby Rebecca » 15 Feb 2013 11:33

Hey all

A number of people have asked for personal reviews and feedback of my lucid dreaming course:

This being a public forum, it's a great place to showcase feedback that people can see is genuine.

So, if you have downloaded The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track and would like to share your opinion of it, please do so here. Say what you liked, didn't like, give it a star rating, whatever helps you speak your mind.

Thanks for taking the time to helping others decide if this might be a helpful product for them.


PS - The reviews on my product page are made by real people. It's all too easy to write fake reviews on your own product page, but I have more integrity than that. I'm really proud of these original reviews and would like to share them until this thread gets rolling:

"I loved your book and had a lucid dream 3 days after reading."

~ Tonya Findley


"I owe my first lucid dream to this book where I flew, smashed bad guys, and even received life-changing information from my subconscious.

I had four separate dreamscapes within one single night of dreaming. Each was filled with its own unique landscape, beauty, and purpose.

It was an amazing journey, and I can't wait to do it more."

~ Fred Tracy, Author of


"A wonderfully condensed e-book that concerns not just the topic of lucid dreaming, but its complete landscape. To us, it was actually kind of a surprise to discover such a nicely packed and yet still complete bundle amidst the many fuzzy lucid dreaming resources out there. No wonder we rated it with 4 stars."

~ Tim Post, Author of


"I've found your e-book a GREAT starter resource to kick off my lucid dreaming 'career'... Since I got your book, I had my first lucid dream within a month... And I've got to tell you, I'm one of the worst candidates for learning - I'm a night-shift worker who gets less than 4.5 hours average sleep."

~ Malcolm Kelly


"I really like the fact that Rebecca guides you through various meditation techniques to help prepare the mind and body for lucid dreaming. Meditation is an invaluable tool for people that have a difficult time relaxing their mind and body.

I was a little timid at first trying to have a lucid dream because I didn't know what to expect. I actually found it to be a fun experience and can't wait to do it again."

~ Justin Mazza, Author of


"It really opened my eyes to all the possibilities that can arise from conscious dreaming, your work is much appreciated."

~ Anthony
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Re: The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track - Customer Reviews

Postby Teraku » 31 May 2013 19:44

I was slightly skeptical at first, but I decided to buy it anyway. I tried out a few techniques, which are explained in pretty thorough detail.

I had my first lucid dream two weeks later, and I now have about 1-2 lucid dreams per week! The fast track really opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities.

You may think $37 USD is a bit expensive, but what you get out of it is something you will never forget.

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