The Forgotten Room Tip-Off

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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The Forgotten Room Tip-Off

Postby TheDoctor » 18 Feb 2013 05:21

[In WPR, I am under the weather, and dropping in and out of sleep in the morning.]

I'm downstairs in my childhood home, and I see that someone has installed a brand new wash and dryer in the sitting room. [In WPR, there had been the plumbing installed for this, but we had always had the washer and dryer in another room.] I note that we have only recently purchased a new washer and dryer and wonder what's become of those. [This is true, in WPR. We're mixing childhood home with adult home here.] I decide to go and check, and I find a bathroom that I had forgotten about. I then realize that this might be a dream. [Forgotten room dreams are very common.] I do a realty check. Twice, I attempt to float in the air. It works. Wow, the dream feels real.

I head up a flight of stairs. It begins to narrow at the top. The doorway is blocked by a wooden panel. I emerge on the other side of the panel to find my wife in an unfamiliar kitchen. It doesn't really look like my wife though -- she's chunkier, and her hair is shorter. She's also not dressed like my wife. I remark that this is a dream. She doesn't face me, but confirms that it is a dream. She then begins to walk away, and I enquire about the meaning of her presence. She begins to answer, still with her back turned. I'm intrigued by her level of lucidity, but return to WPR.

Additional Comments:

It's quite common for me to encounter my wife in these morning lucid dreams. In "My wife's dream nose," she was far less lucid. I had another dream in which she was standing behind me while I experimented with a mirror and asked made a comment indicating she understood that I knew I was dreaming.

This dream felt very much like "Inner Dialogue." In that dream, the primary expository device, Geoffrey, also turned his back to me after confirming that it was a dream. In that dream, I felt as though I had intruded behind the scenes without a backstage pass, and the dream figures were being gracious to accept my presence and give me a tour, once it was clear I wasn't leaving. However, that dream ended with on of the figures explicitly telling me to leave.

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