WTH Brain!?!

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WTH Brain!?!

Postby Hunts4dinos » 18 Feb 2013 21:19

I don't know how I should record my dreams in a journal. In my dreams, there is no plot, no solid characters throughout, and everything is so jumbled.
For instance, lasts nights dream was this. I am hiking with friends, then I am dancing in a spaceship with some lady who is eating magic Easter eggs, and then I am eating cheesy Oreos with my injured friend.
I can't turn that into literature!
Any hints, suggestions, or snide remarks?

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Re: WTH Brain!?!

Postby alissa » 18 Feb 2013 23:38

Why don't you just write it down as it is? Isn't that what a dream journal is? Just to put down your dreams in order to remember them better?
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Re: WTH Brain!?!

Postby NovemberRain2 » 18 Feb 2013 23:43

I don't think the point is to turn your dream journal into a novel, just to get the basic experiences down in as much detail (or not) as possible! I prefer to write as much as I can, but in the beginning it may seem like there isn't much to write down, and that's okay! The point is to jog your memory, so if you can write down as many keywords that you can and stick to the basic order of things then you'll remember the dream, or at least most of it from what you've wrote down! Eventually your dreams may become more vivid, and you can start elaborating. Then, you'll hopefully be able to recall your dreams fairly well and they may even be more vivid!

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Re: WTH Brain!?!

Postby taniaaust1 » 19 Feb 2013 15:06

when that happens.. I'll record the whole thing down in my dream journal but will put the words "dream jump" down between the complete shifts in the dream. That way when I read it in the future.. what Ive written will make sense to me.

You just wait till you get what I call dream splits.. and try journaling that :D .. at times Ive had dreams spilt into going in 3 different ways with all the different dream stories running at the same time even thou they'd all gone in different directions eg the same dream character is playing out in more then one location doing different things. (One of my dream study friends had a dream which broke into 10 different dreams.. all running at the same time).

eg I'll call my DC Harry. Harry was at home and was asked to do baby sitting.. while at the same time Harry wanted to go out and hence ended up geting into friends car (while still in house).. they drove along a long road and ended up getting out of the car to explore buildings (but Harry was still home.. changing baby nappies at same time). That dream split again along one of its story paths.. so now Harrys story was 3 different stories at once.
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Re: WTH Brain!?!

Postby James » 09 Mar 2013 23:18

Hunts4dinos wrote:I am hiking with friends, then I am dancing in a spaceship with some lady who is eating magic Easter eggs, and then I am eating cheesy Oreos with my injured friend.
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You just did.

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Re: WTH Brain!?!

Postby R99 » 11 Mar 2013 06:14

now, thats what i call dream journal. :lol:
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