My journey through the Fast Track Guide.

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My journey through the Fast Track Guide.

Postby Antidote » 19 Feb 2013 03:26

Hello there.
Today I thought of something I might try that sounded like a good idea to me :)

So lets begin.

My idea (maybe its been done before I don't know) is that I JUST bought Rebecca's Lucid Dreaming Fast Track (i'll add link later) and I plan on reading all of it ( sometimes I like to skip things... hehe) and then sharing/ documenting my progress and experiences on this post (in the form of edits)

I've always wanted someone to share my dreams with and receive feed back about theirs, and what better way to do that then to share with the whole forum :D

Anyways, tonight marks the first time I will be reading the PDF, so expect an entry hopefully as early as tomorrow.

Let me know what you think of the idea, and if you'd be interested.

PS. This is also a great chance to show off Rebecca's Guide.

Day 1____________________________________________________________________________________

So today I just spent reading the guide. So far I've gotten to page 71, where the chapter on dream control begins. I feel a little background on me would help here, so I'm going to spend today describing that.

To start, if I had to pick a couple words to describe myself, I'd probably go with logical, calm, and modest.
I like to view things from the best perspective possible - always optimistic
I try to sort things out in a logical fashion that makes sense.
And finally I'm very calm; I don't get upset easily and normally I am carefree.
I have been reading and studying lucid dreaming for probably about 4 months now, however I've known about it for years.
Thus far I've had two lucid dreams, one just touched upon the idea of lucidity; I knew I was dreaming but didn't really do anything about it. And the other, I was very aware I was dreaming, and played around with it a bit (went through walls, changed locations) but it was all very, VERY foggy, as in the vision was literally blurry. At one point i figured to see what would happen if i went through the bottom of a frozen pond, but actually concerned myself too much when I was worried I might not actually have been dreaming.

Fast forward about 4 months and that brings us to today. As it stands now I feel very confident of my knowledge about lucid dreaming, and feel that if I was to become lucid I would follow the proper steps to clearing the dream up so to speak.

Tomorrow I'll record my dreams and maybe analyze them. Tonight I will take my B6 along with a healthy dose of cheddar cheese and I will also repeat "the next scene will be a dream" in my head until I dose off.

Talk to you guys again tomorrow ^.^


Day 2 _____________________________________________________________________________

So last night marks the first *documented* attempt of *seriously* trying to lucid dream.

First I'm going to list what happened in my dream and then explain how it happened.

I didn't remember a lot from my dream last night, mostly because I was awoken to the sound of a very annoying alarm. Anyways the gist of my dream was I was playing soccer (something I literally never do) with a person who is a friend from a game I play most of my day online. That's basically it. in the past, my dreams almost always involve people who I don't normally talk to/ haven't spoke to/ don't speak to anymore . I know this is a dream sign, I'm just not sure how to train my brain to recognize it.

Also, I sent my alarm for 6 hours after I went to bed, woke up, stayed up for 10minutes instead of 20 just to set a base-line, and when I went back to bed, eventually I started to feel very heavy... it almost seemed like I was standing in my own head, like i was looking out of my closed eyes... It was odd. However, I didn't see any foretold hypnagogia and then eventually I switched positions and fell asleep.

better luck tonight I hope.

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Re: My journey through the Fast Track Guide.

Postby tea » 26 Feb 2013 22:52

i like your idea and the way you do it, keep it up! :)

just one side note: trying hard to keep an optimistic view is just as destructible as having a pessimistic one. so when i'm asked whether i'm an optimist, pessimist, realist or whatever.. i really can't give them a satisfying answer. i just am. sometimes i'm this, sometimes that. it seems hard to understand at first because for most people it HAS to be something. and going with that i'd say i am what i need in that very moment.

optimism - or better; happiness - comes naturally, if you stay naturally.
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Re: My journey through the Fast Track Guide.

Postby taniaaust1 » 27 Feb 2013 12:32

Good sharing idea.. i will help to keep you motivated.

That's basically it. in the past, my dreams almost always involve people who I don't normally talk to/ haven't spoke to/ don't speak to anymore . I know this is a dream sign, I'm just not sure how to train my brain to recognize it.

You may be able to train your brain to do reality checks at seeing such people if you practiced it eg visualise people like that.. and every time you do.. then do a reality check. Or if you can get photos of them.. put them in places where you will come across them at times and do a reality check when you see them (even if its only a photo it should help to give you subconciousness a clue to reality check

Seeing out of ones closed eyes is common in an OBE state. Ive got that a few times just before I've gone naturally out of body. I once had an experience were i was very very exhausted so laying on back set of a car while another was driving.. next movement I seeing out of my closed eyes with my head hanging under the car.. watching the plants on the road side (just patches of green) whizz past my face.

I think you were close to having something happen.
The only thing to fear is the fear itself

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