Explanation for these...?

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Explanation for these...?

Postby Teh_Fuhrer » 02 Aug 2011 08:08

Well I have been experiencing these things and if someone could explain them that would be good...

1) Attempting to get into SP - Hear a quick white noise kind of like a pop, my lower body ( legs ) start to feel like pins and needles, well a similar sensation to pins and needles but does not fully paralyse. ( This process begins when I ignore my urge to roll over or fool my body to think I have rolled over).

2) A sensation of the body being disconnected from the head.

And if someone could could give me tips on how to fully complete SP stage. ( in other words how to be in complete paralysis). :D

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Re: Explanation for these...?

Postby Peter » 02 Aug 2011 08:56

sounds like you are almost past SP and trying to get out of physcial body and into your dream body. Imagine that you are rolling or fliping you dream body - give it gentle movement in you mind. If you are lucky you may find yourself on the floor in your dream body wondering what happened or in a dream

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