3 crazy epic dreams.

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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3 crazy epic dreams.

Postby Robbv » 22 Feb 2013 20:54

the first dream: i'm at my great grandmother's grave. i see my mother and sister crouching over it and i'm a bout 50 feet away them watching. then i see a man in the distance he is slowly walking towards me but every couple seconds he teleports a god 15 or 20 feet in between steps. he finally comes up to me inches from my face. he had a cruel smile on his face.

he grabbed me by the hair and threw me at a wall a few feet away. throughout the nightmare i was switching from first person to third person views. as i hit the wall i went to third person to see the wall break from his throwing me. then his mouth unhinged itself and a black slimy tentacle looking thing came out of his mouth. he shoved it into my mouth all the way to my intestines. i could feel the excruciating pain. i screamed. when i looked up, my vision blurry from the pain i saw my father,mother,sister,cousins,aunts, all kinds of family member. but they were half decayed and laughing hysterically as if me being in pain was the funniest thing they had ever seen. then the tentacle started to slowly expand. i felts my organs rupture, i felt the blood in my heart being squeezed out like a sponge, blood coming from my ears and my eyes as my head got bigger. when i finally died in my dream i wake up. but i never wake up violently. i just open my eyes as if i had gently blinked my eyes.

the second dream: i find myself some distance from a huge battle. a battle between angels and demons. there are no humans to found. the battle is massive it looked like close to a million on each side. then all of a sudden i was in the far past and i was looking at humans against angels. an epic battle with hundreds of thousands. a voice in my head began to say, :the humans will have to choose a side. there are 3. the side of angels, the side of demons, or the side of humans. each side provides protection for themselves but the human side provides ultimate freedom. however, they must battle the gods of heaven and hell. the battles past and future. what will you decide?" then i wake up.

and the third dreamEver since I was young I have seen these tall jet black humanoid figures with red eyes everywhere. As I grew older, they grew taller. Once I became 15 or 16 and their numbers decreased but never disappeared.

The story starts a couple months ago. The humanoids began to increase in numbers even though I'm more mentally stable than I ever have been and are still increasing to this day.I am a lucid dreamer and have been since I was a kid.

But about a month ago I had a dream where I was lying in bed and had just woken up. It was until dark outside but I didn't know the time. I was was waking up I saw something latched on my fan. At first I thought it was one of the humanoids. But as my vision started to clear more and became more alert of my surroundings I realized it was not.

It had claws and wings. Like demon wings almost. My fan was spinning slowly but his eyes never left my gaze somehow. I discarded it as it was too similar to the humanoids I see to unnerve me. I got out of my bed but as I turned to make my bed like I do every morning I saw myself still lying in bed asleep. Now I realized I must be dreaming and for some odd reason didn't realize it so I tried to change dreams as I do normally. However I was unable to for some reason. Now I was frightened. I left my room to find these odd small creatures floating in the air.

I can't even begin to describe them as I words can't explain. All I can say is that nothing in my wildest imagination could have thought these magnificent creatures up. As I continued through my house these creatures remained and did not interact with me and I did likewise since I knew nothing of them and didn't want to risk provoking them in any way since I couldn't wake myself up if something went wrong. I saw the humanoids all over my house. Innumerable amounts of them.

I went to open my front door and it was black as the void out there. Nothing. No street lights, no cars nothing. I stared out in awe for about ten seconds. And the red eyes of the humanoids appeared. Hundreds of them. Then I felt a pull bringing towards the eyes. The pit of my stomach felt like it was on fire and I slammed the door shut and it went away instantly. Same with the back door and garage door. I couldn't interact with anyone so I just sat on my couch and waited for me to wake up.

Then I realized the vividness of the dream. It felt like I was awake sitting on my couch everything sounded, felt and looked like real life. Then one of the humanoids came up to me and in a smooth, calming voice said creavit te delectat domus nostra? Which means do you like our home creator? In latin. Now I have never had any prior teaching nor knowledge of any language except english but understood it completely and to my surprise said "creatore Haec mea sedes quid loquitur?"

I was shocked to say the least. He then said "creatore sic. Sunt in regno mansionem nunc. Nos creasti die qua nata es. Non excitate." which means creator yes. You are in our realm, our home now. You created us the day you were born. Now wake. And I woke up.

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