LD: Jumping into a very deep and large pit

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LD: Jumping into a very deep and large pit

Postby lucidinthe sky » 22 Feb 2013 21:55

After 3 weeks, finally had a successfully WILD entry!!! After a brief loss of awareness, I was running and came upon a huge pit, looked like maybe 2 or 300 meters square and at least the same deep. The material on the sides and bottom of this huge square pit looked like salmon colored adobe clay with layers of small stones on the side walls. I was very hesitant to jump, even knowing at that point that it was dream. It was difficult to overcome the fear. Then I just went for it and fell for what seemed like forever, watching the details on the side walls going by. Suddenly the next scene was walking around in the bottom of this pit through an open corridor parallel to one of the sides. The wall was completely covered with these beautiful, mulitcolored tiles with intricate patterns. I spent at least 5 minutes going from tile to tile, examining them and touching everyone I could get my hands on. I marveled at the feel of the tile which was perfectly real and the same with each one. Had to try everyone just to make sure. It's such a crazy thing. There's no way for me to be satisfied with enough touching in a lucid dream, I'm such a touch junkie. There were some tiles that had a thin coating of some ice-like material on their surface with a layer of liquid below it. It would break easily and could be pushed around on the tile even though it was defying gravity. Very strange stuff. Met some DCs and had a brief conversation with them. Posted that in the "Dream Characters" section.
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