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I wana speak D:
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Postby I wana speak D: » 03 Aug 2011 13:17

Every time I get lucid i can't speak :cry:
I can't say clarity now or anything else...
When I try to say something like clarity now, I cant hear anything.Like my subconscious mind don't wana let me get lucid...I cant even speak with him :(
But I remember in my dreams where I am not lucid that I can speak.
I don't know why.
Please help me :cry:
This happened 3 or more times and I fast loose my awareness.
I even use binaural beats and subliminal mp3s :(

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Postby rdubya » 03 Aug 2011 16:53

This can happen at times. I remember the first time I tried talking I sounded like I have never spoken before, and I do not mean this cruelly, but I sounded like a deaf person, how their tone is off sometimes . Eventually my voice came to me after continuing to talk. I find it is harder to do right when I enter a LD. Perhaps there is still an adjustment happening of leaving our body fully, not sure. But try using thoughts to communicate until you are fully wrapped in the LD. Ive really had to force my voice out sometimes where it felt like I was yelling just to get a peep out, but the more I keep trying to more it will come to sound like my physical life voice. Sometimes I don't have to go through this process, sometimes I do. Couldn't tell you why it happens, but don't worry, you are not alone! Hope this helps.

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