Weird, semi-lucid... something

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Weird, semi-lucid... something

Postby Vaellian » 26 Feb 2013 23:58

I had trouble falling asleep, i felt like i just couldnt sleep. restless. it came to a point where i guess it was a mild, but i suddenly realized i was outside and i looked up to the sky. and it instantly thought, it cant be day time. i have school tomorrow, and i should be in bed, i am dreaming. excited i was walking backwards taking everything in. i fell into a hole into the ground, into darkness. i had a very weird... feeling, it wasn't really a falling feeling, it felt like i was surrounded by... something, idk what. like water. but i could still breathe, i knew i was still dreaming, and since i have 0 experience changing thing i figured i'd just go along for the ride. after a minute i got really bored of nothing happening and wanted out, so i yelled "WAKE UP" nothing, i tried to move and idk if it was my dream body or my physical body in sleep paralysis, but i couldn't. so i started moving anything i could, why yelling wake up. woke up on my side and laughed. i had started giving up hope on lucid dreaming, this kinda is keeping my in there.

Another one of the same events happened the day prior. i was having trouble falling asleep. and i dont really remember what exactly happened, but i was in like a beach house, and was asking for the time. and i told myself "that cant be correct, i need to do t his soon" i wasn't sure if that's where i became lucid or not, but then i remember being in my room, scared. i felt like and i had my eyes closed but somehow i could sense what was in my room as if i could see. there was a bid black cloaked monster thingy holding me down over me. i was scared and in a panic but i knew i was dreaming, i told myself i am dreaming, don't be scared. didn't help much, i knew i was dreaming 100%, but i couldn't think as i was in a panic. and being i have 0 experience in my dreams i didn't know how to talk to it or even want to look at it. so i decided to think of my GF to distract my mind, which it did. the monster suddenly turned into her and we were laying on something floating on the coast of a warm sunny beach cuddling. then i woke up :<

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Re: Weird, semi-lucid... something

Postby taniaaust1 » 27 Feb 2013 12:39

Cool that you changed the monster into your GF without even trying too :lol:

I find thats one of the best ways to get scary things out of a dream.. just change them to something else.
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Re: Weird, semi-lucid... something

Postby tea » 28 Feb 2013 15:48

see? you can change things. :D

btw, the "seeing with closed eyes" part really struck me! awesome detail! :O
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