I feel like I'm close, gotta be! Any tips to break through?

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I feel like I'm close, gotta be! Any tips to break through?

Postby the.hatter » 28 Feb 2013 18:28

Hi! I've known about lucid dreaming for about 2 weeks now, so by no means the expert around here :lol:. I'm trying to be patient though, and have done a lot of online reading and read Rebecca's ebook.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a vivid dreamer with great variety and complicated storylines. I started keeping a dream journal a couple of weeks ago, and I typically remember 3 dreams a night that have specific details I can remember for hours. I think that's a good sign!

I've been doing a dozen or so mindful reality checks per day, and am trying the MILD techinique at night. If I wake up once or twice during the night naturally (happens most nights), I try to employ the MILD technique while going back to sleep, but find I fall asleep really quickly. I get up early for work, so it's hard for me to try and stay up for half an hour or so (WBTB). I'm also trying to exercise more all-day awareness in sessions, as I've read that can be a helpful techinique.

No lucid dreams yet though! I'm getting frustrated, but trying to stay positive and disciplined. I've recognized through my dream journal that I often have co-workers in my dreams in non-work related scenes (a possible dream sign?). I also have very bizarre dream plots, such that when I wake up I can't believe I didn't recognize these as dreams!

Example - one night I dreamt that a co-worker and I were trying to have lucid dreams, and we found this drink at a local store called Dream Proof, that would induce lucid dreams. We both tried it in my dream but it didn't work. I woke up especially frustrated from that dream, because I dreamt about lucid dreaming without thinking to do a reality check, d'oh.

Any tips on how to break through and trigger the Eureka! moment where I question if I'm dreaming? That seems to be my biggest hurdle - no matter how silly the dream, my mind just accepts it and I never have those "Am I dreaming?" moments while dreaming.

Here was my idea ... during the workday (7am - 4pm), I have set up hourly chimes on my smartphone. Then while I'm working, and hear the chime (woodblock like click), I stop what I'm doing and take a few minutes to become aware of all the little details around me. I question if I'm dreaming, imagine what it would feel like if I were dreaming, and do reality checks. My idea to trigger the Eureka! moment is to set my phone by my pillow at night, and have the chime go off while I'm sleeping. If I can get the volume right, maybe I'll hear it in my dream but not wake up, and do a reality check. Who knows ...

Thanks all!
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Re: I feel like I'm close, gotta be! Any tips to break thro

Postby R99 » 28 Feb 2013 18:37

dont worry u will get there. and nice dream, its a sign of possible LD within days , dreaming about LD is common, and its also shows u r thinking about it all the time. WBTB is a good way to get in to LD for a beginner, coz i got my first LD from it 1 year ago. and about WBTB, dont need to stay awake that long if it not possible, after waking up some reality checks and reminding urself about having LD is enough. if u r just awake from adream, it is possible to enter dream consciously within seconds, thats the sweet sopt of WBTB. and try not to get exited in ur first LD calm ur self.. keep up the gud work. keep dreaming.
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Re: I feel like I'm close, gotta be! Any tips to break thro

Postby LucidAcademy » 01 Mar 2013 20:35

Mange your expectations is a very important first step at this point. Getting frustrated will only make the progress much slower.

You are doing awesome on the journey and will have solid LDs in no time. Just keep practicing the way you are and notice what is effective. With MILD make sure you practice it when you wake up in the middle of the night as well. It doesn't really disturb the sleep and is very effective.
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Re: I feel like I'm close, gotta be! Any tips to break thro

Postby the.hatter » 02 Mar 2013 15:12

Good tips, thanks!

I will put my focus on thorough dream journaling in the morning, ADA sessions during the day accompanied with mindful RC's, and practicing the WBTB and MILD techniques at night.

Does it matter that I'm 32 years old? Context clues seem to suggest that LD is much easier for younger folks than me. :?

I like the "5 Easy Steps" article on Lucid Acedemy!

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Re: I feel like I'm close, gotta be! Any tips to break thro

Postby taniaaust1 » 03 Mar 2013 01:46

Anyone can learn to LD so dont worry about your age.
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