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Postby laurawsome » 27 Apr 2011 17:15

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if someone could explain me what dreaming about 'trains' mean.
I've been having this dreams for almost 10 years now. I'm 21 now

When I was younger (11-15 or so) the dreams about trains were huge nightmares, I always dreamed that my twinsister fell on the rails just when a train arrived, and I saw her dying almost each night and in my dream I would start to cry hysterrically for hours and than I would eventually wake up and feel really sad... :cry:

Another "traindream" I have (these days and for the past couple years) , it's bothering me again for a few months now often is that one way or another I end on the rails and I have to run for my life to get on the other side on time before a train hit me and other people that are with me. and most of the time I see people who get hit by the train I see how they arms and legs are ripped of I hear the screaming...and it looks so real... I really want to find a solutions to end this dreams That's one of the reasons why I want to learn to lucid dream, so that I can solve this problems and of course to try all the fun stuff :D

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Re: Trains

Postby jake » 27 Apr 2011 17:43

hmmm... some times disaster dreams, (a lot of times involving planes or other forms of transportation) spawn from your brain subliminally picking up something bad is about to happen. (i have noticed that for each dreamer they usually have a special reoccurring theme. (like train crashes). But you should take this post lightly I'm in no way an expert and have only heard about this a couple times from friends.

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Re: Trains

Postby Donna » 28 Apr 2011 00:39

A lot of our everyday metaphors get into our dreams, sometimes as metaphor and sometimes as a pun. There are a number of expressions that use the word "train" for example. We can talk about "losing our train of thought" or somebody's life being a "train wreck" or "going off the rails," or being from the "wrong side of the tracks" or having a "one track mind" and so forth. When I dream of trains, I consider if any of this is what is being referenced. However, in the case of the dreams you mentioned, I don't think it's very applicable.

Since these dreams happened when you were quite young, I imagine that they were operating as a metaphor, indicating your anxieties about your sister and probably yourself as well. When we're little, it's a pretty common fear getting on a train that you might slip onto the track because of lack of physical competency. Sometimes, to a small person, that gap between platform and train looks enormous. Adults also try to instil caution in us crossing the tracks because trains are potentially deadly but, because we're little, in our minds we may exaggerate the danger and the tracks may become a general dream symbol of our fears of doing things the wrong way and placing ourselves in jeopardy.

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