was this a lucid dream or an OBE

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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was this a lucid dream or an OBE

Postby thejaguar » 02 Mar 2013 00:31

Hi, I am thejaguar and I had a lucid dream 6 years ago and nothing since.
At the time 6 years ago I read an article on lucid dreaming and that night PRESTO I had a lucid dream, but it wasn't a textbook lucid dream.
I remember lying in bed beside my wife, it was 6am when all of a sudden I could feel myself starting to vibrate and the vibrations got stronger and my wife started to wake, so I stopped the vibrations and woke up. I was fully conciously aware that I was in bed and I was in full control and at this point I was fully awake,
I wated for about 15 minutes, until I was sure that my wife was fully asleep again and then I closed my eyes and decided to continue where I left off.
Within a couple of minutes I started to vibrate again but this time I controlled the level of vibration, and within another couple of minutes I was watching myself leaving my body behind me in the bed.
I hovered over my bed looking down at my wife and myself lying in the bed below.
Then I floated up through the ceiling and then through the roof and I began to fly like superman around the countryside.
Suddenly I knew that something was after me, I couldn't see anything, it was just a bad feeling that something wanted to harm me, something evil.
I thought to myself that I fly to a nuclear power plant and fly into the reactor that whatever was after me wouldn't survive the radiation, but I knew that I could, since I am indestructable.
I reached the nuclear power plant and this entity was hot on my heels, I dove down into the heart of the reactor and sat there for a while and suddenly this evil entered the reactor so then I flew out, and then I decided to head for the nearest active volcano.Within minutes I arrived over an active volcano in Iceland and the fiend was still coming for me. I flew down through the active volcano and deep into the molten magma, I flew deep into the earth and then plotted a course to the surface and on reaching the surface a great sense of peace came over me as I knew that what ever was after me was no more.
I then flew home again, I flew around the countryside again and then I flew back into my bedroom and re-entered my body.
The whole dream lasted for no more than 10 minutes, although during the dream it seemed much longer.
This is without doubt the most exhillerating thing that has ever happened to me. Not only could I fly like superman and was indestructable like superman but I could pass through solid objects like they were thin air.
How can I get back.
Sinceerly yours:Thejaguar.

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Re: was this a lucid dream or an OBE

Postby taniaaust1 » 02 Mar 2013 12:19

Sounds like an OBE thou you could of been partly in the LD state as well with some of that coming in too but you may not have been.

Maybe read some books with techniques on OBE... intensifying OBE vibrations is a common way many people get out with OBE and it sounds like that is what you did. OBE is different to LD as with LD a person needs to let their mind go more so the subconciousness can come in... whereas many OBEs are caused by raising energy..and that is what you did when you worked with those vibrations. With OBEs one doesnt need the subconciousness to be manifesting images at all.

Some may find it easier to OBE to LD or visa versa.
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