Saving a helpless little dog....?????

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Saving a helpless little dog....?????

Postby dreamworld777 » 04 Mar 2013 03:30

The dream starts off with me in my kitchen.My mother is there and it's daytime.I am feeding this dog(I have no dogs in real life).I set the food down for the dog and begin to prepare another bowl because I realize that there is another dog also...a small black dog outside that is chained to the house.I know,for some reason,no idea how,that this dog is being mistreated.I walk outside to bring the dog the food and see that he is tied very closely to the house leaving him hardly any room to move.The chain around his neck has begun to cut through his skin and it's bleeding slightly.He is curled in a ball and shaking,eyes closed and never even opens them.He is small,skinny and sickly...I feel tremendously sad for this little dog and begin to cry,knowing that I have to set it free.
I go back into the kitchen and tell my mother that I'm feeding the dog then setting it free.The other dog is treated wonderfully and I realize this.I do not see this other dog anywhere and realize that I haven't actually seen it at all,but I know it's there somehow.It's free to run and play,but this little dog outside is being mistreated.My mother warns me to NOT to let him go because "he" will be mad when he gets home..(no idea who "he" represents...)
I run to the door telling her that I don't care and I have to save him.I reach for the chain that's tied to the little dog and I wake up right there....any thoughts on what this could mean??

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Re: Saving a helpless little dog....?????

Postby taniaaust1 » 06 Mar 2013 00:38

I do not see this other dog anywhere and realize that I haven't actually seen it at all,but I know it's there somehow.

That little dog you wish to save is most likely a part of yourself a part of yourself you had been ignoring, a darker part of yourself (hence why he's black) , dark due to some kind of emotional pain (you knew he had been abused).

You keep this part of yourself which you have ignored.. "chained", so dont give it a free reign.. you dont allow this part of yourself, its emotions to flow. It's "outside of the house".. The house symbolises yourself... and its outside as that is where you've put it.

Obviouslys this part of yourself can get angry if you let it go.. your mother is part of yourself which tries to look after you, trying to protect you.

He's small, skinny and sickly as you dont feed this part of yourself eg if it is an anger aspect of yourself.. it represents that you dont feed that anger etc.

My thoughts on this... On the other hand it isnt a good thing to have an aspect of yourself sickly and blocked away being ignored... and this abused part of yourself needs some healing done on it. It needs you to feed it..good healthy food but more so in a transmuting way. You need to stop ignoring this part of yourself and get to know it (bring it inside the house one could say), work with it to transform it in a good way. So i personally disagree with what "your mother" is trying to tell you, thou that part of yourself is trying to protect you.. doing that thou wont heal your other aspect at all.

Ask yourself.. what darker part of yourself needs some postive attention? What have you been ignoring about yourself? You need to have compassion and love all parts of yourself.
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Re: Saving a helpless little dog....?????

Postby dreamworld777 » 06 Mar 2013 02:31

Thanks so much for your thoughts on this dream.It all makes good sense.I was thinking along the same lines.I figured that somehow this little dog must be some kind of representation of myself.Dreams are so amazing,they blow my mind every time!!
I am starting to realize that my kitchen is a huge dream sign for me..I have countless dreams that start out with me in my kitchen.I'm going to start doing reality checks every time I walk into my kitchen..hopefully this habit will carry over into my dreams and I can use this as a dream sign for becoming's worth a try.Thanks again for your help,I think you are right on point :D

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