Failing at lucid naps

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Failing at lucid naps

Postby vampman49 » 06 Mar 2013 22:03

I have been trying to passively lucid dream for several months with little result, in the past few weeks I have put forward much more effort (reality checks, books, meditating ect) and one of these new things I have been trying to do is lucid dream through a nap. I make it so I get about 5 hours of sleep in the night, go to school, and take my nap 5 hours later but when I try to take this nap...nothing! I cant even get to sleep and it has been so aggravating not even being able to have a non lucid dream, and now I'm beginning to lose sleep time, and I'm not sure if I should just give up on this technique for now or if I'm doing something wrong? Any feedback would be helpful thanks :)
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Re: Failing at lucid naps

Postby taniaaust1 » 07 Mar 2013 02:52

it has been so aggravating

Time to stop doing that and try another way. If it is annoying you, this will work against what you are trying to do and wont help you to be relaxed etc.

Some also do better with more sleep not less. Its not good either to let this stuff start to negatively affect your normal daily life. You need to find what works for YOU...
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