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Ouija Board

Postby Kaylium » 09 Mar 2013 01:07

I want to play the Ouija Board for the first time tonight, but I'm kind of freaked out about all the stories ppl have about demons coming out of it and stuff. Is it really dangerous to use? Because it would probably be good if I knew before I start playing w/ it. Thanks :D

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Re: Ouija Board

Postby erichsa » 09 Mar 2013 20:55

if I was you I would go to Wikipedia and read about Ouija Board. In my opinion it is a hoax :)

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Re: Ouija Board

Postby Rebecca » 10 Mar 2013 05:58

The Ouija Board started out as a game (in the 70s I think). It's just a bit of fun. You can freak yourself out if you believe you're actually contacting dead people! But really the effect can be explained with a bit of human psychology. Watch Derren Brown's TV show, he demonstrates how people can subconsciously move objects like glasses or tables but have no conscious awareness of it.
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Re: Ouija Board

Postby Summerlander » 10 Mar 2013 18:00

I watched that episode. Derren Brown is great. Yeah, the whole thing about the ouija board acting as an interdimensional portal for spiritual entities is hooey.

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Re: Ouija Board

Postby taniaaust1 » 11 Mar 2013 10:52

I personally suggest dont play with those things.. they can unleash some bad stuff if you were one of the unlucky ones who had that experience, they have the tendancy to attract negative beings.
Demons and that are true (hey even Christians believe in those!)

I played with Ouija board once and the glass did move scaring us all lol. There was only 3 of us doing this and it moved quite powerfully..we instantly stopped and didnt continue.. the speed that glass moved and the force of it.. Im sure none of us did it.. our fingers were bearly touching at all, not even pressed down but feather light. (The Ouija board never caused us issues) but I know so many things can and do cause strange issues, Ive seen some (coming to me for help) who have ended up with terrible issues over things they shouldnt have messed with (Ive "tried" dealing with two cases of serious possession and for a while was partly possessed myself and had to go throu like an exorcism with a group working on me and we didnt get me clear at that point of time.. its crazy stuff and stuff most wouldnt believe unless they saw.. I wish my exorcism had been filmed or other weird healings I went throu where my body contorted at impossible angles while different energies were battling in my body. I once had this huge wind come out of my mouth which went on and on during a clearing).
I have lived in two haunted houses (one a ghost haunting and one a demon poltergist due to past tennets who were satanists and whatever they did in that house).

Go watch episodes of "A Haunting" if you want to know what messing with this kind of stuff has caused some, some have almost lost their lives over messing with things which are better left alone (of cause for most it is just a fun thing and nothing bad happens but for a few, that's far from the truth so know you are doing it at your own risk).
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