WBTB fail >:( Any tips?

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Jelly deKiller
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WBTB fail >:( Any tips?

Postby Jelly deKiller » 10 Mar 2013 09:26

So last night I attempted WBTB for the first time and badly failed. I set my alarm for 3:30am and went to bed at 10pm. I did get up when the alarm rang and I wrote in my dream journal, read about lucid dreaming for about half an hour and did some RCs. Then when I went back to bed I couldn't get back to sleep at all. Maybe it was because I stayed awake for to long..? I seriously don't know. :S

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Re: WBTB fail >:( Any tips?

Postby Ryan » 10 Mar 2013 16:59

Sometimes you can do everything right, and still not succeed. :)

You said this was your "first try"... patience. You'll get it eventually. Just don't ever give up.
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Re: WBTB fail >:( Any tips?

Postby taniaaust1 » 11 Mar 2013 09:37

Stay awake for less time as you need to be able to go back to sleep, try cutting the time you are up by by half.. you need to find the right balance for you
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