Brought to tears by the thought of a good Lucid dream?

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Brought to tears by the thought of a good Lucid dream?

Postby Lewisfranklin » 13 Mar 2013 19:41

Hey guys basically I just wanted to share this with you all as it happened to me last year on my Holiday to a nice hot country! :) Basically in reality I was staying in this incredible resort, everything was perfect and new to me as this was my first holiday away from my country.

I remember one night of this Holiday I had a Lucid dream. It was incredible, I have never been so lucid before and it seemed like I could do anything. I remember I walked around the resort in my dream changing it, creating giant houses made out of jelly! haha it was incredible! I remember I also went to a vollyball court on the beach. In my dream it was as perfect as a beach basically can be, I remember I placed my hand on the net in the middle of the court and it folded itself away as In my dream I was planning to build a statue of myself out of sand and rocks.

This dream went on for a while, I even planned the statue I was going to make while I was still in the dream! It was all perfect and it made my holiday even more exciting as I actually get to wake up and walk around these places in real!

Though the night after this dream something changed in my opinion. The reason I posted this in the paranormal topic was because I actually was lying in bed dreading my sleep the next night. All of that day I was so excited to return to my own version of this resort in my mind to finish my statue though for some reason, when the time came to me laying in bed preparing my Lucid plans, I began to cry. These were not tears of joy as I was like physically and mentally afraid of falling asleep? I am really not sure why but honestly Its the most afraid I have ever been! in reality or in a dream. So now I want to ask the question why? why do you guys think I feared sleeping just because of the chance of me returning to a place which I created? I don't understand why in reality I feared something I dreamed...

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Re: Brought to tears by the thought of a good Lucid dream?

Postby taniaaust1 » 15 Mar 2013 09:22

What kind of fear was it??

Could it been a fear of failing in something u so much wanted (to get back there and build the statue).. so a dread to return to the dream on that grounds?

or a fear of your own power to do things? (that has really scared me at times and put me off of following up with some things... making me quit)

or another kind of fear... around that statue?. Share more about the fear you felt... could it of been coming from another time or place which having a stature of yourself innerly on the other levels reminds you of?

run my questions over your inner truth and your heart and soul, they know the reason why you cried.. put your current beliefs aside for a moment and ask yourself what you truely "feel" about it. I have other thoughts on it this but arent going to share as I want to know what you deeply feel about it and dont want to say anything which is going to sound too strange for you, it needs to come from you. or maybe its one of the first things I mentioned.
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