Thought I'd share some of my experiences

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Thought I'd share some of my experiences

Postby taniaaust1 » 15 Mar 2013 00:40

After a very successful period of success 50% of time for 2-3 weeks... I then stopped doing WILD for a couple of weeks as I had 5 misses straight (bad as one can then get into bad habits and keep failing so thought it best just put a break to it for a short time). A few days ago I started to get back into it again and are successfully triggering off WILDS again (so I did do the right thing via taking that couple of week break), 3 LDs (2 were WILDS in 3 days).. Im trying once every 24 hrs (I do them any time I feel like it as I cant be bothered to be waking myself up to try in middle of the night which is when I easiest do LD.. Im not that eager for them to go to an effort of waking myself up).

The 3 following dreams werent what I'd call a good LD but doing them this way and at the time Im currently doing them, I are getting deeper into the dreams then I was a few weeks back doing them "this way".. previously I was at right the verge of sleep/dreaming so very easy to fall out of my WILD (during the day, right before bed when tired or after I've woken up naturally in the morn). Note: this way isnt the easiest way for me to LD.

Ive been focusing on the period right before I WILD so hopefully I can explain to others better the clues I get that Im close to a WILD (seeing I very rarely get visual images before a WILD like many do), thought it may help give others clues of other things to help trigger and what other shifts may be observe before going into the LD. My cues come from what i can feel/sensations and what my body is experiencing.

3 days ago
Trigger: spontanous after going to bed
Length of time in dream: 2-4 mins
Waking brain clarity.. seemed to be thinking clearly but had my normal waking life poor memory which affected things. I'll put my clarity when lucid to about 90%
LD.. prematurely as I drifted into a non LD state.

I found myself standing somewhere and knew I was dreaming. All my senses were there with me in the dream and the dream had a good depth (wasnt shallow with me being close to waking like often happens). So then tried to remember my LD goals but I'd stopped repeating them before bed in the last week and couldnt think of any. Thou I knew I was dreaming my brain wasnt able to think well (actually in real life right now while typing this..I can only think of one of the three anyway. I need to get my notes out and remind myself.. so Im not surprised I couldnt remember any while in the dream). I stood there lucid for minutes...trying hard to remember one of my current 3 dream goals without success (it was frustrating!!) and then ended up just drifting into a non lucid dream from there when I couldnt remember thou I really tried.

2 days ago
Technique getting into dream: mantra Ham-Sah (aim OBE) when feeling slightly tired and needing rest
Time: somewhere between 3-5pm (in middle of day)
Time experienced in dream: approx 5 seconds
Waking brain clarity: around 60%
LD ended: prematurely.. woke myself up doing a LD roll.

Images before entering dream: None. Used energetic feels thou. While doing the mantra I put my focus just outside of my physical body where I could feel some energy build up.. focusing there trying to intensify that patch of my energy I could feel just outside my physical body.

I suddenly become aware Im outside of my physical body. Im in my lounge room... Im fully aware Im dreaming or OBE but my normal waking awareness, ability to think clearly is only about 60% but with full sight in. Im floating up by the ceiling with my daughters old toys below including the red roof of the dolls house which I do have in my real life lounge room. At this point I think Im probably having an OBE but arent sure if Im dreaming too and think I may be too (it is possible to be both OBE with some awareness of that and dreaming a bit at the same time. This happens when the subconsciousness is manifesting some when OBE).

I decide to experiment with this setting inside my house and try to get a funner scene out of this (then just of being by my lounge room ceiling lookign down on things there).. so I instantly change my location view by raising my consciousness up high so Im looking down on the toys way way below (as if one is looking down from a plane at landscape below).. I turn these instead of being toys, Ive made them look like real items far below as from such a distance they dont look like toys no more. Im happy to have altered the scene to make it real like. Now the dolls house is like a real house on a farm.. lounge room floor changed to farm.

I decide to mess about and see if I can go in and out this dream a little and the scene while maintaining it. So I think of my body doing a roll over in the air (I didnt try to roll just thought "roll".. my body very quickly rolls over but doing this wakes me up. (**sighs** when will I learn.. that always seems to wake me up, I should stop messing with roll overs as if only done very very slow will I not loose a dream and wake up..and doing them slow is kind of pointless and dont always work as when I think "roll over" I often just find myself roll over fast). Note to myself.. avoid doing roll overs in dreams!!

This morning

Semi lucid dream from WILD (I partly lost consciousness)
Time: in morning just after waking up
Technique getting into the dream: Dream Yoga mantra Ham-Sah (aim to LD)
Time experienced in the dream 20-30 mins (but much of it was non lucid or mostly non lucid.. lucid was coming in and going 2-3 times during the dream).
Waking brain clarity.. really varying from none much of the dream to approx 90% briefly towards the end of the dream. I know my brain still wasnt thinking with 100% clarity towards end of dream as if it had.. I would of thought to turn and walk the other way to avoid the hole instead of deciding to continue the dream and just walk that same way. Thou thinking almost fully.. I still wasnt thinking at 100% level.
LD ended: prematurely. Tried something which scared myself awake (woken by falling sensation). Issue also during the dream of drifting into forgetting I was dreaming for large sections of time.

Images/sounds etc before entering the dream from waking state: None visual but there was a shift where I was between realities in my breathing which was my cue that I was going into the right state to go into a LD. eg Before the dream entry I noticed I was regularly having what Im going to call "dream breaths" between the real breaths. By dream breaths I mean I felt like I was breathing breaths which I wasnt physically breathing.. so the extra breaths were coming from my dream body while also being aware of other breaths I did with the mantra which were real ones.. I think I may of been hearing the dream breaths too. (the difference between the dream breaths and my real physical body ones was just a feeling of them being a little different to my normal ones.. eg less intense, the physical breaths were more intense and willed then the spontanous dream breaths).

After the breathing thing I "may" of also drifted off for a short time before I became I aware I'd gone into this dream but I dont know.. while maintaining the mantra I'd been letting my mind run free with thoughts but had no images Im aware of before my awareness I was dreaming came in).

I realise Im in a dream and Im on a street. Im going to be meeting Jerry and decide to play along with the dream. Jerry arrives. Im having trouble with my brain (Ive forgotten Im dreaming) and having trouble communicating with Jerry and cant walk etc. My brain clears (note.. I went out of the lucid state and into a complete dream state so suddenly Im not confused in my dream and think this is real but it isnt.. now Im 100% dreaming with no awareness I are) but by this time Jerry has walked off somewhere. I start walking looking for her. There is a playground about 50m down the road so I go there to find her.

Something is wrong with my brain.. the people (locals) at the playground I recognise their faces but cant remember who they are (I realise after I wake up later its cause they were real life faces but as I was dreaming and had forgot I was, in my dream state Id forgot they were people I knew visually in RL but I dont actually know their names in RL but in this dream I thought I should).

I think I see Jerry at the playground, she's with her granddaughter.. she's meet Kirsty (her daughter) here. I approach Jerry and call out to her. She thou is acting like she dont know me and keeps walking carrying the child, with her back to me. I hurry to catch up and when I get level with her and she turns my way, I see she isnt Jerry after all but someone else, a stranger. I appologise to the stranger and tell her I mistook her for another. My brain then starts getting confused again.. Im putting the brain confusion down to my medical issues I have in real life so dont see it as a strange thing seeing I have the issue in real life (otherwise I probably would of became aware again that I was still in dream)..

As can happen to me in real life, Im loosing my sight and only getting vague images, I try to keep walking. Im needing help. Ive gone blind now and dont know what to do..shall I start yelling out for someone to hear me that I need an ambulance to be rung? (thou Ive lost awareness Im dreaming my brain is still thinking like it does in real life and as I often do.. I decide not to have an ambulance called for me.. Ive knocked back people wanting to ring ambulance for me when out twice in the last couple of weeks in real life.. so in the dream I decide not to yell out for someone to ring one).

I try to keep walking till I find my foot start to go over a lip and I dont know what Im about to walk or fall down, it could be a small ditch or it could be a huge drop. Its got too scary to keep walking blind so I stop and sit and start to think about the situation Im in as I still dont know what to do. On stopping and thinking about my situation, I realise again at this point that Im dreaming as I become aware that I can also feel my physical body in bed at the same time as Im here in this place with the playground, so know I cant be hurt.

I decide once again to play along with this dream and hopefully my dream sight will clear. So I start walking forward again, Im still in this dream strong just without the sight. I then walk over the edge of something as I expected would happen as Im still in the same place in the same dream but at this point find myself falling. (I could of tried to bring in a different dream scene but had decided not to as due to my experience I knew it was very very likely I would loose the dream and wake up completely in my physical body if I did, so had decided to try to play along with this dream I was already in. I hoped that I could deepen the dream and bring all my senses back into it).

I thou hate the sensation of falling and that feeling of falling as it hits me scares me so much that it wakes me right up (falling sensations will wake me physically up probably about 90% of the time), completely into my physical body so I loose this dream. (cause Im worried Im going to forgot it as I easily forget my dreams.. instead of trying to go back into the dream, I decide to just get up and write it down. Also a bit put off of going back to that dream in case I find myself blind again and falling cause that falling feeling even if Im not going to get hurt, the feeling itself really disturbs me so decide to not try to LD again this morn).

Im yet to develop a "standard" way to go into LDs from a waking state so hence still experimenting A LOT with WILD and the different dream depth Im in when entering in this way, which give issues I didnt have previously doing LD differently (Im certainly no expert at WILD and think I have quite a way to go before I am, Im still probably a long way of working out what is the best way "for me" to do it). (Many years ago I used to just wake myself up during the night then just allow myself to fall normally asleep and spontanous LD when I went back to sleep..often after a brief time of dreaming I'd then just become naturally aware I was dreaming. That is far easier for me to do do but I cant be currently bothered with waking myself up in middle of the night at all). Different types of LDs carry different challeges :) There is no set way to do this stuff. It can be fun to experiment.
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